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Excerpt Day: The Janitor by Jan Irving

The Janitor by Jan Irving
Release Date: May 5, 2009
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-938-6
Publisher Link: http://www.loose-id.com/prod-The_Janitor-941.aspx

Blurb: I’m a naturally optimistic type of person, you know? Yeah, I think good things will happen, only they usually don’t. Take Noel: even though he’s educated and rich and he don’t think he’s even gay, I want to belong to him. I want him to take me completely---Dane Connelly. Dane Connelly is a gay janitor and boxer with a soft heart and a simple outlook--he wants to meet the right man, someone who will look past his macho sport and put him in the place of a submissive. He wants to fall in love and belong to his partner. On the surface, Noel Atherton, an intellectual, shy, and sexually repressed university graduate student with a crippled leg, could not be the dominant lover that Dane longs for. But after their first meeting, when Dane disables the fire alarm in the library and lights a cigarette, Noel is drawn from his shell. Soon, Noel needs to touch Dane, exploring his sexuality for the first time. And both learn that looks can be deceiving. However, Noel's controlling father is appalled by the relationship and quietly arranges to get Dane out of the way and punish him for daring to love a man so far above his station.


Dane sucked on some more ice chips as he rubbed his big calf. His body was settling in from the intense training before his last fight, and now, two days later, he hurt worse than he had right after the fight.

“You know, it’s a good thing I do that janitor work,” he told Goldie. “I mean, look at your old man here. If I didn’t move after, I’d roll up and die, you know what I’m saying?”

Goldie swam to the other side of her tank. Dane had gotten her a little bubbler since she looked like she couldn’t breathe too good, and now she swam more. So he figured it helped her with her training, same as him.

“I saw Noel again, Goldie. Yeah. He talked to me. Thinks I’m…” Dane hummed, trying to put things into words. “Thinks I’m heroic, like this David dude, only David really looked gay, you know?”

Goldie pecked at the little temple in her bowl. Dane had bought her an English castle, but she was shy; she’d pretty much stayed in there, so he didn’t have a friend to talk to at all. And her job, as his fish, was to be his friend. So the castle was gone and now she had a Chinese temple, only she couldn’t hide in it. She had to listen to Dane.

“He’s got really fine skin. Like a baby’s, I guess. Don’t they say that? I dunno if it’s exactly like a baby’s, ’cause I’m of the bachelor persuasion.” Dane chewed his lip. He closed his eyes and pictured putting the back of his hand against Noel’s cheek. Sometimes at night, if he couldn’t sleep, he’d stroke himself, but there’d been nothing on his bed with him but old newspaper for so long that it made it worse, touching himself late at night with no one there. Made it feel like he was alone, or something, which was very depressing.

“I’m like an optimist, you know?” he confided in Goldie. “I know he’s not like me. Not even gay, probably.” The thought discouraged Dane. “He has nice hair. That’s what I noticed first.” Goldie had settled at the bottom, and Dane leaned back on his pillow while thinking about Noel. “Soft eyes. He wears these glasses, so it’s hard to see them sometimes. I’d like to know if he sees me, you know, or if I should like, give up and try the clubs or something. But I don’t want to do that. Don’t want to fuck someone in the Men’s anymore.” Dane glanced at Goldie. “Guess if he knew I did that, he’d not like me much, huh? But I get to just wanting someone’s hands on me sometimes. Just so I know I’m like a real person, or something. You bein’ a lady fish, I have to apologize for tellin’ you stuff like that. I don’t mean to be crude or nothin’; it’s just your tough luck you got bought by a boy.”
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