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Excerpt Day: Fortunate Son by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe

Fortunate Son by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe
Release Date: 04/2009
Publisher: Amber Allure
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-506-5 (Electronic)
Publisher Link: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/FortunateSon.html

Blurb: They marched for peace, but found hope for the future in each other’s arms... Set against the backdrop of the infamous March on the Pentagon in the fall of 1967, Fortunate Son follows Ricky Anderson and his lover, Charlie Irvine, as they and thousands of other idealistic anti-war protesters strive to make their voices heard. Haunted by the death of his older brother on the front lines in Vietnam, Ricky’s stake in the protests is personal and painful. Charlie, Ricky’s peace-loving hippie lover, has taught Ricky about rallies, poetry and love. But a secret Charlie’s hidden from Ricky since day one is about to come to light and threaten their relationship as well as their beliefs.


Set up: On a bus full of hippies heading to Washington DC, under the protective haze of bong smoke and hallucinogens, Ricky and Charlie take a moment for themselves in the very back seat.

Ricky claimed Charlie´s lips again, rocking his hips, one hand firm on Charlie´s narrow waist to hold him steady as he thrust, his movements forced to be shallow and short, but the pleasure was no less intense. Muted and strung tight, the effort to keep quiet and the high running through his body all combined into what was possibly the most stunning sex Ricky had ever had. Of course, every time with Charlie translated into the best time ever. Each upped the last and Ricky wondered if it would ever plateau and stop getting better.

Charlie´s hand laced with Ricky´s on his side, and Ricky squeezed, circling his hips. Charlie gasped and whimpered, the quiet sound shuddering through Ricky. He panted, murmuring against Charlie´s lips. "My gypsy love..." His tongue traced sensually, and he groaned when his lover sucked it into his mouth. The kiss delved hotter than ever into dark, shadowed recesses where the dirtiest things happened. Shadows Ricky only dared to explore with Charlie.

"Mmmm, wanna take off in a boat with you, Ricky. Just us on the ocean, free, no worries." Charlie sighed as he broke the kiss, thumb stroking the back of Ricky´s hand. "I can write my poems about you, sing you songs. I´ll be all yours."

"You are all mine." Ricky kissed Charlie again. It was a nice dream and he thought he might live in it a little while as they made love. It beat reality, where there were drafts to worry about and the weight of knowing his parents had sold some of their land to give him a chance his brother had never had.

Ricky´s heart twisted. He wrapped his arms around Charlie, pressing closer, hiding his face in Charlie´s neck as he thrust harder. Charlie gasped. The musical sound brought him back to the dream and the familiar pain drifted away. Heat, pleasure and Charlie´s writhing, slim body were the only things that existed.

The bus lurched into a pothole, bouncing them, and Charlie moaned loudly, clenching. Ricky loosened one arm to brush Charlie´s hair away and then fisted his hand in it so he could kiss him. That muffled his moans because Charlie was beyond holding back. He got like this when the wild, sensual side of him was unleashed, as if all thoughts of decorum fled. Ricky loved it.

Charlie rocked harder. At one point, he´d reached behind the both of them and now Charlie´s fingers were pressed against Ricky´s ass, holding him still as he worked back and forth on his cock. Ricky couldn´t breathe. Maybe it was the kiss, or the sensations...he didn´t know or care. He just didn´t want it to end.

Oh, but it was going to end, and too soon for Ricky. He groaned, fingers curling tighter on Charlie´s waist, digging into the sleek skin as the pleasure rose.

He moaned, trying to keep quiet, but he was rapidly forgetting why he should. He pulled back slightly and managed to slide his free hand around to close over Charlie´s mouth, shuddering when Charlie drew one of Ricky´s fingers inside and suckled on it.

Ricky´s hips thrust harder, short and deep, grinding against Charlie´s ass. "Charlie..." He gasped, burying his face in Charlie´s neck and latching onto the tender skin, drawing on it, marking him, and Charlie shuddered hard in reaction. Then he tightened, and Ricky was lost, stiffening and bucking his hips hard as he came.

Charlie wasn´t far behind, working his hips back hard, circling them, shaking, and when he came, he bit the pad of Ricky´s finger, stinging it, but not in a bad way. The connection between them was breathtaking, and Ricky quickly withdrew his finger and claimed Charlie´s lips as the last tremors of his orgasm wracked his body.

They were sweaty and sticky, and Ricky didn´t care. He was floating unfettered, with only Charlie for company and it was more than enough. He panted, lips curving in a lazy smile. "Aw, damn, my wicked gypsy love..."

Charlie sagged into the broken upholstery and wrapped the blanket tighter around them. "Wicked? Nah, farm boy, that´s all you. I thought they grew them innocent in Iowa."

Ricky chuckled and rubbed his mouth against Charlie´s throat. The sex in the air was more potent than the drugs. "I was, then I met you. You taught me all kinds of things besides what was in those books of yours."

Charlie shook his head, his hair tickling Ricky. "It was already there, just hidden. Maybe I woke it up, but it´s always been there." He turned his head and brushed a kiss over Ricky´s jaw. "Now you´re teaching me things. Wonderful things." His voice sounded sleepy and sated, and Ricky knew he´d put that tone there.

"Share ´em with me in the morning." Ricky nudged those lips apart and kissed him lingeringly. They should move, but it felt so good to be snuggled up against him, still inside his heat. "Got a long day ahead."

Charlie´s fingers stroked his hair, tender in a way that made Ricky´s throat tighten. "You going to be okay tomorrow?"

Ricky thought of his brother and his heart twisted. The drugs and Charlie´s warmth muted the anger, but it would be there in the morning. It always was. Charlie was the only thing that tempered it. "I´ll be fine. I´ve gotta do this."

Charlie laid his head back on Ricky´s shoulder. "Me, too. We´ll do it together."
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