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Excerpt Day: Another Royal Dilemma by Robin Gideon

Another Royal Dilemma by Robin Gideon
Release Date: 04/2009
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-528-2
Publisher Link: http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=linda018&product_name=Another+Royal+Dilemma&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact

Blurb: “Royal Desires” series, Book 2. In Czarist Russian, Princess Tatiana is a woman with a secret. Though she has managed to force her vile husband into exile in Paris for a year—until she can legally obtain a divorce as an abandoned wife—her time in St. Petersburg has been a blur of sensual activity, thanks to the endless charm and inexhaustible sensual skills of her lovers, Prince Dimitri and Count Klaus. But when a beautiful young harem girl, fleeing for her life, naked and alone, suddenly burst into their life, the three must discover whether their love can withstand the tumultuous changes the girl brings with her.


The carriage was waiting outside the church, a massive piece of carpentry and ironwork requiring six Belgian geldings to pull it. There was enough seating for ten, though there would only be four interior passengers going from the Church of St. Sebastian to the Ulinoff Estates.

As well-wishers waved, Majedah and Mikhail took the rear seat. With a sigh and a hope that trauma and conflict were not only finished for the day but for her entire life, Tatiana took her seat beside Feodor. Hardly had they taken their seats when the crack of a whip signaled the beginning of their short journey. The instant the carriage was rolling, Mikhail pulled down all the curtains, shutting out St. Petersburg and all its citizens.

Mikhail nearly jumped into Feodor's arms, forcing Tatiana to laughingly scramble off the seat to reposition herself next to Majedah.

"Oh, my!" Tatiana said softly as she watched Mikhail, as lovely a young man as she'd ever set her eyes upon, kissing passionately with Feodor who, ironically, was the best-man at his wedding to Majedah.

A full thirty seconds passed before Mikhail finally took his mouth from Feodor's. He took his proper position on the carriage seat, and when he turned his gaze toward Majedah's, his eyes were glassy with tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks at any moment.

"I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that..." Emotion cut off his words, and Tatiana felt herself seize up inside as suddenly she, too, found herself fighting off tears. "I promise you this: you'll have a very generous allowance, and you'll want for nothing," Mikhail continued. "Nothing, Majedah, and I mean that. I'll need to have my own house now, and you'll have to live there with me, but I promise that you can pick out the house. There'll be two huge wings to the house and you can have one all to yourself and you'll never have to see me if you don't want." For a moment the emotions again overwhelmed him, and his slender-fingered hand slipped tenderly over to Feodor's massive, callused one. "You...you've saved me from a life not worth living."

Tatiana was touched by Mikhail's frank assessment of his life. There had been a time, just six months earlier, when she, too, had felt trapped and helpless, buffeted by cruel circumstances, forced to continually live a lie because her foul husband insisted upon making her life a living hell. But then Klaus and Dimitri came into her life. They took over and simply changed everything. Now Tatiana couldn't imagine living without them. It didn't matter that she had fallen in love with two men at the same time, any more than it mattered that Mikhail had obviously fallen in love with a fine young man named Feodor. What mattered was happiness, passion, safety and stability. And though Tatiana had found it in the most unlikely of places and circumstances, just as Mikhail had, all that truly mattered was that both she and Mikhail had found contentment.

While Tatiana was happy to experience contentment, the feelings Feodor desired at that moment were rather more intense. Tatiana watched, open-mouthed with shock, as Feodor put his right hand to the nape of Mikhail's neck, and began pushing the slender young groom down. With his left, Feodor unbuttoned the fly of his trousers.

"Feodor! They're watching!" Mikhail exclaimed as his face was pushed down into his lover's lap.

"They won't mind," Feodor replied through clenched teeth as he pulled a partially erect penis out of his crisply creased trousers.

Whatever fighting Mikhail might have put forward stopped the instant Feodor had exposed himself. When Mikhail saw his lover's penis, he opened his lips and took the flesh deep into his mouth.

"Oh, God! You've got the hottest mouth in all of Russia!" Feodor sighed, his right hand still tight at the base of Mikhail's neck, forcing his lover to hold all of his burgeoning erection in his mouth.

Even though she herself was in the midst of a love affair that was, by any conventional standards, highly unusual, there was nothing in Tatiana's background to prepare her for seeing such a beautiful young man still in wedding attire performing fellatio, albeit with an obvious amount of embarrassment. Instantly, Tatiana's heart accelerated with excitement. As Mikhail began slowly bobbing up and down, dragging his moist pink lips along the shaft and head of Feodor's erection, Tatiana felt her own pulse throbbing hotly in her clitoris.

Glancing to the side, Tatiana looked at Majedah's profile. The new "bride" seemed similarly shocked and aroused by the men and their behavior.

Soft, masculine moans from Mikhail filled the enormous carriage as Feodor, still holding securely onto the new groom's neck, guided his up and down movements.

Tatiana noted, with an uncharitable sense of competition, that both of her lovers were more handsomely endowed than Feodor.

Feodor's erection had grown to full size when the coachman called out to the four big Belgian geldings, and the carriage startled slowing down. From the back of the carriage, where Viktor was standing at his protective perch, Tatiana heard him say, "Debarking in ninety seconds, Princess Antropov."


At the Ulinoff estate, with his hand lightly at Constantine's elbow, Dimitri leaned down to whisper directly into the older man's ear. "Just in case, I'll assign my man to the top of the stairs, between the two doors."

Constantine glanced at Viktor, then nodded. "I appreciate that, Prince Buzek. And listen, our families have never done business together and I thought--"

"You don't have to pay me. Consider this my present to your son and his new wife on their wedding day." Dimitri patted the old man's shoulder. "Go on now and see to your guests. I'll have everyone down at the reception in twenty minutes."

As Constantine disappeared into the constantly growing crowd of wedding guests, Dimitri turned around and saw Klaus standing at the base of the wide, marble steps.

"How long have they been in there?" Dimitri asked as he headed up the stairs with Klaus at his side and Viktor behind him.

"Ten minutes," Klaus replied.

Over his shoulder, Dimitri instructed Viktor, "Don't let anyone in. When the bride and groom are supposed to enter the reception, knock twice, pause, then twice more."

At the top of the stairs were two doors, one to the right of the stairway, one to the left. Viktor said, "The men are in the room to the left."

Dimitri opened the door and stepped inside, then stopped dead in his tracks. Feodor was standing with his hands on his hips; Mikhail was kneeling before him, delivering a blowjob with enthusiasm and experience. When the door opened, Mikhail bolted to his feet, his face instantly turning ashen. Feodor spun around to hide the erection sticking out through the fly of his trousers.

There was a door between the two rooms, and it was open. Standing in the doorway were Dimitri and Klaus, both looking stunning in their black tuxedoes[cb1] .

"Over here," Tatiana said to Dimitri and Klaus. "Let's let Mikhail and Feodor have some privacy."

As Dimitri and Klaus crossed the enormous room, Mikhail was already getting back down on his knees.

Dimitri stepped into Tatiana's room and closed the door. The room was a library with enormous racks of books and several desks where, apparently, Constantine's business paperwork was dealt with. Seeing Tatiana in a bridesmaid's dress, the white décolletage putting her bountiful breasts on display, had awakened his libido hours earlier. It was only now that he had a chance to be at least reasonably alone with Tatiana.

"We only have twenty minutes," he said, hurrying toward Tatiana, hardly noticing Majedah standing nearby.

"Stop!" Tatiana said sharply, raising her hands palms outward. "There's something I want to explain, and since we've only got twenty minutes before we're all expected to go downstairs to share this wedded bliss with three hundred of our closest strangers, I suggest you listen carefully and not interrupt."

Dimitri stopped. Klaus took a couple more steps closer to Tatiana, then he, too, stopped.

"This better be worth it," Dimitri said softly. "I've been dying to kiss you since ten o'clock this morning." The rather rapidly growing arousal trapped inside his black trousers was testament to the truthfulness of his declaration.

"As you both know," Tatiana began, her green eyes twinkling mischievously, "everyone in St. Petersburg thinks that Mikhail got Majedah pregnant, hence the wedding one week after the announcement of their engagement. As you also know--since it was your idea in the first place, Klaus--Mikhail is in love with Feodor, but the last thing in the world he wants to do is break his father's heart by admitting that he's a homosexual."

"We know all this!" Dimitri growled, a rapidly heating libido making him less than patient.

"You don't know everything," Tatiana snapped, a member of the Russian aristocracy in her own right, she was a woman not given to being interrupted. "For the past six months, the three of us have been engaging in a menage a trois that has left me more satisfied--sexually and in all other ways--than I'd ever thought was possible. And many times, during the past six months, I've been in my office and couldn't cross my legs at the knee because you two men wore me out."

Dimitri shifted his weight from one foot to the other. His cock had reached full extension, and if he didn't free it from his trousers soon, temporary insanity was a very real possibility.

"We've saved Majedah by telling a lie. We said that Mikhail has gotten her pregnant, and everyone has believed this lie." Tatiana continued. She took a half-step closer to Majedah, placing her hand lightly on the young woman's bare shoulder above the puffed sleeve of her wedding dress. "However, like all lies, the truth eventually comes out." She smiled at her lovers. "Remember the conversation we had a couple days ago? The one where I said that there are times when a person has to make a personal sacrifice in order to do a greater good?" The men nodded in unison. "You see, I love you both very, very much. More than I ever dreamed I could ever love anyone, I love you two."

Dimitri's dark eyes narrowed. "Tatiana, what are not telling us?"

"Sooner or later, it is going to be patently obvious that Majedah is not pregnant. So that is a condition that needs to change." She inhaled deeply, summoning courage. "You're looking at a very lovely young woman who simply needs to get pregnant, and as quickly as possible." Unconsciously, she glanced at the door leading to the room where Mikhail was currently entertaining himself with the man he loved. "And since the likelihood of her getting pregnant by her husband is unlikely in the extreme, what I'm proposing--"

"What we're proposing," Majedah said, cutting in quickly, her voice low and a little frightened, her eyes enormous.

"Yes, what we're proposing is that we--the three of us--allow Majedah to join our little group. You needn't worry about her being a virgin and tearing her maidenhead. I have a hand mirror in my bedroom, the handle of which was well-suited for the job. Over the past week, Majedah has entertained herself with it almost every day." Tatiana made a gesture with her hands. "But before you answer, I want you to know that I'm not just giving her to you men for your entertainment. I have...selfish reasons of my own."

Tatiana turned to Majedah and placed her forefinger beneath the girl's chin to angle her face upward. Then, very slowly, she pressed her full-lipped mouth against Majedah's. The kiss was gentle, tender. Tatiana used the tip of her pink tongue to trace the circumference of Majedah's mouth before French kissing her. As they kissed, Majedah's right hand drifted slowly upward, dark slender fingers gliding along Tatiana's bodice to squeeze one plump breast through white silk. Tatiana moaned softly before breaking the kiss. She turned toward her lovers.

"What do you say, gentlemen? Can Majedah join us?" Her eyes danced from one man to the other. "She's really quite taken with the two of you, though she's kept her feelings to herself because she didn't want to hurt my feelings." She looked at Majedah and lightly stroked her face with the back of her hand. "If it isn't love that she feels for you two, it's certainly infatuation, and that's not a bad way to start out. But it isn't just you men that she has feelings for...just as it isn't just you men that I've learned to love. Though Majedah and I haven't known each other long, my feelings for her are very strong, just as hers are for me. So please...please, tell me you won't get jealous if Majedah and I find pleasure in each other's arms. I swear to you, I could never even think of another man."

"So the three of us become the four of us?" Dimitri asked.

Majedah smiled and Tatiana said, "One of you will become a father, though if we do this the way Majedah and I have planned, she'll never actually know which of you is the father. We--Majedah and I--think it is best that way." She looked at the girl and lightly caressed her cheek, then throat, with the back of her hand before turning back to the men. "You two were the one's who introduced me to Mademoiselle Veronique, and she taught me that women can be...pleasurable. If three people can be together, can't we find a way to make it four? And in the process, we can make Mikhail a very happy man by getting Majedah pregnant. And I want you to know right here and now, I haven't made love with Majedah. I wouldn't do that...not without your blessings. Well, my darlings, what do you say? Is there enough love in you for both me and Majedah?"

"Fuck," Klaus said softly.

"Fuck," Dimitri whispered.

"Rather indelicately put for two articulate men with university degrees," Tatiana said with a smile. "Though I do concur with the sentiment." She began slowly raising the skirt of her white lace dress. "Just stand there. I want to show you something."

A muscle twitched in Dimitri's jaw, and it took every bit of his formidable personal discipline to keep from rushing the fifteen feet to Tatiana and crushing her in his arms. He watched as the skirt lifted higher and higher, first revealing lovely ankles, then calves and knees, then shapely thighs...and higher still, until Tatiana's freshly shaven pussy was exposed to his heated gaze.

"Majedah explained that where she comes from all the women remove their pubic hair the moment it starts growing," Tatiana explained. "I saw the way you men reacted to her, so I thought I'd give you a treat. Do you like?"

"You know damned well we like!" Dimitri growled. "Now do we have to keep our distance? There's not much fucking time left before we've got to go downstairs--and I mean that literally."

"You mustn't make a mess of our dresses or our hair," Tatiana said, a flirtatiously teasing quality to her voice. "And one last thing. Remember how you were never allowed to climax inside me until I had specifically told you that I had my cervical cap in? Now that Majedah has joined us, the only rule that you must always bear in mind is that you must climax inside her..." She smiled wickedly as her words trailed off, her full lipped mouth the pinnacle of carnal temptation. "And it would be best if you climaxed inside her as many times as possible during her honeymoon!"

"That's it! I can't wait another second!" Dimitri growled, hurrying to Tatiana, grabbing her by the upper arms and planting his mouth down hard over hers.

Dimitri tasted the sweetness of his lover's mouth, feeling the choreographed dance of her tongue against his, and he knew in his heart and soul that he'd never find another woman quite like her. Not ever. Only Tatiana could come up with a plan whereby everyone involved would get everything they needed. Everything!

Ending the kiss, he looked down into her eyes and whispered, "I love you, Princess."

"And I love you, too, but right now what I need you to do is love Majedah," Tatiana replied. She lifted up on her tiptoes to kiss the tip of Dimitri's chin, then turned to look at the couple beside her.

Majedah's small, petite body was dwarfed by Klaus's mighty physique. As Dimitri watched Klaus kissing Majedah's luscious mouth, he took the time to unfasten the buttons of his fly. The instant he freed his erection, Tatiana was on her knees, the heated wetness of her mouth engulfing the flaring crown of his arousal.

"So good," Dimitri sighed, putting his hand atop Tatiana's head.

She instantly caught him by the wrist. "Remember, you promised to not mess my hair," she said, looking up at him, mischief in her eyes.

"Then get up here," Dimitri replied, hauling Tatiana back up to a standing position. "I know where there's no hair to mess up."
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