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Excerpt Day: Lessons in Discovery by Charlie Cochrane

Lessons in Discovery by Charlie Cochrane
Release Date: 05/2009
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60202-200-3
Publisher Link: http://www.lindenbayromance.com/product-lessonsindiscovery-7313-145.html

Amazon Kindle: Lessons in Discovery: A Cambridge Fellows Mystery, Book 3

Blurb: Orlando’s broken memory may break his lover’s heart. A Cambridge Fellows Mystery, Book 3. Cambridge, 1906. On the very day Jonty Stewart proposes that he and Orlando Coppersmith move in together, Fate trips them up. Rather, it trips Orlando, sending him down a flight of stairs and leaving him with an injury that erases his memory. Instead of taking the next step in their relationship, they’re back to square one. It’s bad enough that Orlando doesn’t remember being intimate with Jonty—he doesn’t remember Jonty at all. Back inside the introverted, sexually innocent shell he inhabited before he met Jonty, Orlando is faced with two puzzles. Not only does he need to recover the lost pieces of his past, he’s also been tasked by the Master to solve a four-hundred-year-old murder before the end of term. The college’s reputation is riding on it. Jonty, crushed that his lover doesn’t remember him, puts aside his grief to help decode old documents for clues to the murder. But a greater mystery remains—one involving the human heart. To solve it, Orlando must hear the truth about himself—even if it means he may not fall in love with Jonty the second time around…


The two men tired of watching the rowing, turned and began to amble back to the college, a slight anticipation starting to bubble up in Jonty´s stomach. There was every chance that he could get Orlando into a bed this afternoon, and that would be an absolute delight. Even if the mattress wasn´t visited there would still be at least a hug or two on the sofa which was always very pleasant. They´d reached a stage where the last favours were not the be-all and end-all, wonderful as they were. Jonty cast a glance across at his lover and caught him, unquestionably, in the same act of anticipation.

Orlando blushed, something that hadn´t happened for a long time. I know what you´re contemplating, Jonty mused. Great minds definitely do think alike.

Their pace quickened and by the time they´d reached the Bishop´s Cope they were no longer just ambling but striding along with great purpose. Their tempo was brisk by the time they passed the porters´ lodge and they positively sped up Jonty´s staircase, eager to find themselves alone and safe to express their affection.

Orlando was taking the steps two at a time, as usual, in his desire to be in the room as soon as possible. He misjudged the edge of a particularly worn stair, which had endured hundreds of years´ worth of treading and wasn´t inclined to be kind anymore, then slipped. Perhaps nine times out of ten a man might have done that and suffered no worse than bruised knees or a scraped hand. Orlando suffered the ignominies of the tenth, and went clattering halfway down the flight.

It was ironic. Orlando normally led the way, making the joke that Jonty should be behind him in case he slipped, so that there would be adequate padding to break his fall. But this day Jonty was ahead, even more eager to reach the room than his friend was. He heard the tumble, turned-dismayed-and rushed back.

"Orlando!" the rule about names was immediately broken. This was a moment of crisis, as the minute Jonty looked down he could see that his friend wasn´t moving. "Can you hear me? Are you all right?" He reached the crumpled body, was relieved to see the chest rising and falling and to hear that the breathing sounded clear.

But there was no response, not even a moan, and blood had begun to trickle from the back of Orlando´s head.

Jonty leapt up, his heart racing and a nauseous feeling filling his stomach. He knocked at the nearest door, demanding that the occupant go to the lodge to make the porters fetch a doctor. The inhabitant of the next room was sent for Nurse Hatfield. He returned to keep an eye on Orlando, making sure that he was comfortable and not about to do anything dramatic like swallow his tongue. It was all he could do, apart from worry himself sick.
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