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Excerpt Day: Her Boyfriend’s Boyfriend by Cheryl Dragon

Her Boyfriend’s Boyfriend by Cheryl Dragon
Release Date: May 5, 2009
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-935-5
Publisher Link: http://www.loose-id.com/prod-Her_Boyfriend_s_Boyfriend-938.aspx

Blurb: Cassie has found the man of her dreams. Neil’s rich and smart and hotter than hell! He's perfect. Except for one small thing. Their sex life is cooling off and he’s not talking. It's not her, she's almost sure, and she's not giving up. She's determined to get to the bottom of it. And fix it. What Cassie doesn't know is that Neil used to have a boyfriend. Lou. They used to pick up women together, have sex with them, enjoy them, but they never found one they wanted to keep. Then Lou moved on. Neil tried. He tried to go straight for Cassie and for his career, but he never stopped loving Lou and without that man in his bed, he's never going to have everything he needs, no matter how much he loves Cassie. Once Cassie starts digging around, the truth can't be denied. And neither can the chemistry between Cassie and Lou. Is she the one they needed all along? Cassie's never had two men before. Not even just in bed. The idea of a ménage life scares her a little, honestly. But now that she knows how to please her boyfriend, she's not letting him go. Even if it means learning to love her boyfriend's boyfriend.


Neil eased back and kissed her mouth. “I’ve got to go. Lou is off this weekend. You two should do something. See a show and have dinner.”

“Sure.” She nodded. Lou was Neil’s best friend and had quickly become Cassie’s best male friend. Smart, friendly, and an event planner—they’d actually worked together on a few events. Plus, he liked men, so Neil never got jealous. Lou was the perfect escape when Neil had to go out of town on business. Of course, Cassie could fantasize about Lou all she wanted, and no one needed to know. Handsome as hell, he sported a strong and sexy form. Other women drooled over Lou, and Cassie was closer than they’d ever get. If he weren’t gay, Cassie might feel torn between him and Neil, but life worked out funny that way.

Cassie shook off a quick Lou fantasy and smiled up at Neil. She loved him. Why did it feel off? “Have a safe trip!” No point in bringing it up when he had to go out of town.

He dashed into the bathroom to dress and grab his overnight bag. Neil left in a flash, and Cassie still reclined in bed, wearing only diamonds, feeling satisfied and yet ready for another round if possible. She could pull out her vibrator and torture herself with fantasies about Lou.

Sitting bolt up in bed, she had a better idea. Lou had been friends with Neil for a long time. He was the source of info she needed. Grabbing her cell phone, Cassie dialed with the hope Lou would have some advice or ideas. She’d tried asking nicely, being creative, being patient, and now she needed to act. She loved Neil and wanted their relationship to work. Cassie refused to give up!

* * * * *

Lou arrived with bagels and ridiculously expensive coffee within half an hour of Cassie’s call. She sounded worried, and as awkward as things felt, he’d grown very close to her. If only he could tell her the whole truth. But that’d screw everything up for Neil. They played a delicate and crazy balancing act. Tipping Neil’s hand, however, was not an option.

She opened the door and took the coffee. “Thank you! I didn’t drag you away from a hot date, did I?”
“At nine in the morning?” He chuckled and tried not to stare. She wore a peach tank top with a built-in bra that barely supported her breasts, a pair of white cotton shorts without panty lines… It seemed like Cassie had dressed to tempt him. He wanted to tell her. Lusting after Neil’s girlfriend, the one Neil wanted to settle down with, was bad.

“Sit. I need to talk.” She plopped down on the massive couch, and her long auburn curls bounced in a ponytail. Her heart-shaped face and big green eyes looked so innocent. If she only knew the truth, she’d probably run.

Lou sat next to her but not too close. He could smell Neil’s aftershave on her, and it only added to his desire and guilt. “What’s wrong?” He picked up his coffee and took a sip.

“My sex life.” She sighed.

“What?” He coughed and sputtered on the pricey beverage.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t talk to you about this. Guys always think they’re warriors in the bedroom. But you’re different. I understand if you don’t want to talk about this with me, because it’s Neil, but maybe you can help.”

Did she know? How could she know? Neil made him swear, and Neil never went back on this sort of decision. A business-image-appropriate relationship. “It’s okay, Cass. I just didn’t expect that. What’s wrong?”

The idea of hearing the sex details of Neil and Cassie aroused him, but that things weren’t perfectly wonderful gave him an odd ego boost.

“In the beginning, it was great, you know? Hot and surprising. He looked me in the eye while he fucked me, and ripped off expensive gowns like he just got out of prison.” Her skin flushed.

Lou tried to ignore the visuals and not let his arousal show. “That’s a crime against fashion, but good sex does win out many times. So it’s not like that anymore?”

She shook her head. “It’s like something is missing. I don’t know what. I’ve got sexy lingerie. I offered to dress up like a maid or let him tie me up. I’m open.”

The ideas shot to Lou’s cock. “You really offered all those things?”

“I know he thinks I’m some good girl raised by a rich father who sheltered me, but I’m not some virgin.”

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s not that.”

“Well what then? I’ve told him, I’ve tried to be spontaneous. Look…” She headed for the bedroom and didn’t bother to close the door as she changed. Cassie’s bare body was a blur, and Lou couldn’t look away. She returned in a skimpy red bra and see-through matching thong.

The blood rushed from Lou’s head. “Neil’s crazy.”

“Thank you! I don’t get it. Am I not nasty enough? Does he like a porn-star type with dirty talk?” She sat next to Lou again.

“It’s not you, I swear.” Lou wanted to hold his best girl friend, but he’d rip those tiny clothes off her. He tried to adjust his sweatshirt to hide his hard-on.

“Then you know what it is?” She hopped up and straddled his lap with hope in her voice. “You have to tell me.”

Lou felt pinned yet didn’t want to escape. Her cleavage hypnotized him. “Cassie, please.” He held her arms and tried to move her back, but she pressed forward.

Her eyes dilated as her barely covered pussy nudged his strained jeans. “What the…?” She looked down.

“I’m sorry.” Lou looked away.

“Is that for Neil? You’ve got a crush on your best friend and talking about him in bed gets you hot?” She smiled. “I don’t mind. Not like I blame you.”

Lou cleared his throat. “It’s not for Neil.” He looked back at the beautiful and desirable woman in his lap. He lusted after Neil, but right now, he’d kill for Cassie.

“So you’re not exactly gay?” She sat back. “I knew there was some odd vibe between us, but you’re what? Straight? You lied to me and Neil? Why?”

“No!” Lou laughed. Neil would be so pissed when he learned about this. “Not straight. Gay, mostly. Bi really would be the accurate description.”

“Bi? So it’s not my imagination or fantasy, the way you look at me sometimes?” She blushed, and it went all the way down to her breasts.

“No, but I never meant to do anything like this. Please believe me. I love you and Neil, and I’m not going to screw up anything for you two. I’ve been seeing a guy sort of, and it’s just you’re so sexy and smell so good. Dressed like this. Hell, I’m only human.”

“And I’d never act this way with any guy but a gay friend I trust. You did this on purpose!” She crossed her arms, but there was a smile in her eyes.

“No, I only do girls with… I can’t go into it. Okay? Just trust me. I wasn’t going after you. I want you and Neil to be happy.” The woman on his lap was like oxygen fanning the flames of his need.

Cassie licked her lips and looked Lou in the eye. “Okay, so what’s wrong with me and Neil? What’s missing?”

Lou couldn’t match up the thoughts in his mind. “Nothing. He loves you so much. He works hard and gets tired. We’re all human.”

“He closes his eyes half the time. I love him, Lou. I love being with him, and I don’t want to lose you either. I finally feel like I’ve got great people in my life whom I trust and who understand me. What will help the sex piece?”

“It’s not you. Nothing you can do will change it. You’re perfect. You’re everything a man could want. It’s not you.” He held her and dropped a friendly kiss in her hair. It hurt him to see her confused and in pain. Neil was the only one who could come clean and fix all this.

“You know something. What is it?” she whispered seductively in his ear.

The woman knew her power. “It’s not for me to tell.” The mixed scent of her and Neil made Lou crazy. He was willing to bet he could eat Cassie now and get both her and Neil’s cum in one. Cassie needed passion. Lou didn’t doubt she’d give in and do anything.

“You could tell me. I won’t tell Neil how I know. I’m not asking you to show me; I would never actually cheat on him. I want you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll act on every impulse. Please, Lou.” She moaned, rubbing her body to his.

The front door swung open as Lou nearly gave in.

“Please Lou, what?” Neil’s form filled the doorway, and Lou knew the secrets had to come out. Smiling, he couldn’t help himself. The truth would be so much better…he hoped.
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