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Gay Commercial: Budweiser

This is so cute that even if it doesn't end how I would like, it's nevertheless a nice commercial. And then I like that both men have no problem to show their romantic side... only to end with a beer in hand!

A man is on his knees to make a marriage proposal. The camera cuts to the person he is proposing to, revealing that he is in fact proposing to a shaggy looking man sitting on a couch. He says to the man on the couch, "I love you."

In a monotone voice, the other man asks, "What do you love about me?"

"Your eyes, your soul..." "That's it?" "I just want to marry you."

The man who is proposing pulls out the ring box. The other man takes the ring box in his hand while holding a bottle of Budweiser in the other, examines the ring and gives it back. He smiles, nods his approval and says, "Yup, you're good."

The man on his knees thanks his friend and gets up to leave, at which the camera pans out to reveal a group of men sitting on another couch. He leaves the room while all of his friends on both couches wish him good luck on his mission to propose to his girlfriend.

The tagline is, "Budweiser, TRUE".

Commercial Closet Association

Company: Anheuser-Busch Cos.
Brand: Budweiser
Ad Title: Proposal
Business Category: Alcoholic Beverages
Media Outlets: Television (unaired)
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: unknown
Year: unknown
Target: Mainstream
Tags: gay commercial

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