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Excerpt Day: Roman Seduction by Laura Tolomei

Roman Seduction by Laura Tolomei
Release Date: June 1, 2009
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Publisher Link: http://www.extasybooks.net/ebjmsite/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ebook_flypage&product_id=5832&category_id=&manufacturer_id=&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=44

Amazon Kindle: Roman Seduction

Blurb: Before Brighit and Celtic England, a Roman soldier meets his destiny in Alexandria, Egypt, in the shape of a dark handsome young man. But can they both overcome their trust issues in order to get more from life and satisfy their deepest yearnings? The passionate prequel to Trespassing All Hallows Eve will uncover the secrets behind a sensually erotic affair that will tie three people's destinies.

Egypt, hot sun makes a Roman soldier’s blood rush in heated passion. But is he Aurelius’s true destiny? Don’t miss the sensually hot TRESPASSING ALL HALLOWS EVE prequel.

Excerpt PG:

“Please, tell me about the Celts,” Aurelius asked once. “I find those far-away tribes fascinating.”

Attilio swallowed a generous sip of wine. “I hate to admit it, but the Celts are one of the few people I didn’t quite become connected to.”

“Why not? Are they so very different from us?”

The centurion shrugged. “In many ways they are.” He drank again, unwilling to get into any detail. “I only spent a year at Curia Raetorum, one of our border cities, and it wasn’t enough to—“

“Get into their heads?” Aurelius teased.

“Right,” Attilio admitted, a little surprised his young friend had already caught on to his mind’s workings. “Their way of thinking still escapes me, but I know I’ll get another chance to study them, even though my men don’t look forward to it,” he concluded, mentioning his soldiers for the first time.

“Where are they now?” Aurelius wondered.

“They’ve earned a much needed rest in Rome or wherever they chose to go.”

“But you’re here working.”

“My choice, Pullus.” To take that damn woman off my mind and resolve some very personal trust issues. He had answered neutrally, not intending to tell his young friend about Keitha or her betrayal. “In Curia Raetorum, our last post, we had a difficult time. The situation got out of control, ending with a violent rebellion, and we had to kill all the rebels. Afterward, the general felt he owed us some rest. I was happy for my men, of course, but asked him for another assignment, even if alone.”

“Do you miss them?”

“I miss army life from time to time. The tight discipline is invaluable and I wish civilians had half of our training.”

“If they had, you probably wouldn’t have had to deal with the rebellion.”

Again surprised by his insight, Attilio nodded.

“And were women involved, too?” Aurelius asked candidly.

“Why do you ask?” the centurion challenged.

Aurelius shrugged. “They tell me their women are…different.”

Attilio sent him an ironic glance. “Since when do women interest you, Pullus?”

Aurelius blushed. “I…just something I heard.”

“And since we’re on the subject,” the centurion continued, “what have you got against women anyway?”

Aurelius shifted nervously as if his seat had turned into a heated brazier. “I…I don’t like them much, that’s all.”
“Let me get this straight,” Attilio pursued relentlessly, the answer hardly enough to let his young friend off the hook. “You have a mother, right?”

“Of course, I do.”

“And you don’t like her.”

“I didn’t say that,” the dark-haired man flared.

“Funny, that’s exactly what I thought I heard just a second ago.”

“I said it, yes, but I didn’t mean it like that.”

The centurion leaned forward, his chest extending over the table. “Then please explain.”

Excerpt M/M R:

His father traded precious Egyptian essences in return for hard sesterces and other goods. Aurelius often inspected the incoming freights, making sure everything was in good condition. But today, he had a more pressing need, which a slave could easily satisfy. “Better,” he said brusquely, boarding the ship, damning the handsome centurion and his magnificent body at every step. “Let’s see the cargo, Kemsa,” he continued, heading below decks.

Kemsa hurried along, following his master down the stairs. “Your father’s things are right in front—“

Cursing the centurion one more time, Aurelius turned. “I don’t give a damn right now,” he said, taking out his half-erect cock. “I need something else and fast.”

As expected, Kemsa kneeled and opened his mouth obediently. Aurelius pushed inside, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips at the warmth surrounding his demanding shaft. Wrapped around the bulging head, the slave’s tongue lapped lavishly the entire length, running up and down the stem in a steady rhythm. His hands slid the silky skin, matching Aurelius’s movements while an avid suck pulled the shaft to the edge of his throat, almost chocking him in the process.

Thrilled by the depth, Aurelius grabbed Kemsa’s head to hold it in place, uncaring about the effect it would have on him. Only when he felt his convulsions, did he allow the slave breathing space, merely to stick it back furiously. Wanting immediate satisfaction, Attilio’s tempting body flashed in Aurelius’s mind, setting his senses on fire as he shoved one last time into Kemsa’s mouth and nothing could stop the powerful jet from plunging straight down the slave’s throat.

Excerpt M/M/M R:

“Hey, Pullus,” Attilio interrupted, “you’re in luck. The puppy hasn’t been broken in yet.”

“Master.” The blond man squirmed uncomfortably, darting glances at Aurelius, too. “I want to serve,” he continued in Latin, “but I can only do some things—“

Attilio raised his hand to silence him. He had learned enough from the slave, who was only a minor player. It was time to focus attention on the real object of the game. “Pullus, the puppy seems afraid.” His eyes challenged Aurelius to prove him wrong. “I’m very curious to see if your skills will prove to be adequate.”

Aurelius’s eyes flashed as if suddenly understanding the game’s real purpose. His hand fondled the slave’s crotch, exposing the limp cock. “As a matter of fact, he doesn’t seem interested,” he commented, his hand sliding on the soft skin.

“But I’m sure you’ll get his cooperation, right Pullus?”

Exchanging another glance, Attilio made sure Aurelius understood his request and for all response, watched him bend his knees, lips already open to swallow its juicy prey. As the hungry mouth worked its magic on Ewan, the centurion saw the cock grow bigger by the second. Obviously liking it, the slave arched his back, leaning against Attilio for support, his ass moving as he pushed more cock into Aurelius’s willing opening. Seeing his opportunity, the centurion nudged his shaft against the slave’s butt, making him feel the bulge, but not moving to let him get used to it.

Grabbing the slave’s head, Aurelius went down on his back, carrying Ewan with him and aiming his mouth over his own erection. Moving his clothes aside, Aurelius pushed the slave on the upraised bursting head, forcing him to get on all fours.

Attilio quickly followed, his fingers already seeking the tight hole between the buttocks, wetting its edges once found. Circling the narrow opening, he waited until Ewan thrust back before aiming his thick shaft and pushing inside.

Excerpt M/F R:

Attilio grinned. “Hey, I’m willing to settle for something else,” he teased, pulling her to the carpets. Giggling, she took her clothes off before reaching them, her generous curves gleaming in the candle’s pale light. The centurion grabbed her from behind, squeezing the huge breasts, their size too big to fit in just one hand. His thumb and forefinger teased the swollen nipples, pinching them hard. Throwing her head back, Domitilla leaned against him to offer more flesh to his exploration, which was not long in coming. His hand ran down to the hairy mound, first testing her reaction, then taking a decisive plunge into her wet universe. She spread her legs far apart and rubbed the sensitive spot on his fingers, her ass pushing seductively directly on the demanding cock, turning it into stone.

Blinded now by passion, he pushed the waitress on the carpets, making sure she fell on her hands and knees, the plump ass wriggling in the pale light looking only more desirable. His fingers quickly found the narrow hole between the buttocks and slid forcefully inside pliant flesh, which sucked him deeper than he expected.

Satisfied, Attilio switched to bigger dimensions, pushing his cock into the yielding entrance. Two shoves and his long length filled Domitilla completely. Her flesh closed tightly on his rigidity, curling around it in a firm hold that felt blissful. Too good to stand still, the centurion slid from the narrow space only to thrust back with more satisfaction, sparking a sensual dance as the heat of their skins rubbing together grew out of proportion.
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