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Gay Like You by Kim Dare

This is the classical story of Prince Charming. In modern time prince charming is Tristan, the loved gay son of a wealthy family; apparently Tristan has had very little trouble coming out with his family, if not having to escape his mother matchmaker scheme to find the perfect boyfriend for his son. But all in all Tristan loves his mother, and so he is again ready to have dinner with his parents and the candidate of the time. Only that for once his mother seems to have find a very possible right man for the role of boyfriend, Cody.

Cody was the son of family friends, but it is ages that Tristan didn't see him. And from the last time Cody is very changed. When his mother openly talks of their sexuality, "dear, come to know Cody, you have plenty in common, he is gay like you..:", Cody seems to react in an unexpected way. Only to offer sex and nothing less as soon as they are alone. Maybe the shift from Tristan being pissed off from his mother matchmaking plan, and him declaring love to Cody is a bit to sudden for my taste, I haven't had the chance to feel the change in Tristan, but he explains it as love at first sight, something that seems to recur quite often in his family.

What it's nice in this short story is the contrast between Cody and Tristan's upbringing, and how it influenced their adult life. Tristan, to be gentle, is a spoiled son; he is sure and at ease with himself due to the fact that he has received all the possible love from his parents. He is a dominant, or at least he declares so, but he is not a master in the strict BDSM way; he likes to play the role in the bedroom, but he doesn't push it into real life; he takes lightly all the aspect of that world, safe words, collars, dominance, and so he seems more someone who is playing that someone who is taking seriously all the matter.

On the other hand, Cody has had a very bad experience with his family, he was rejected when he was only 15 years old. For nature he is a submissive, but first he had to learn how to be independent very soon, and so, in a way, this ruined him for a real submissive role, and second, he doesn't trust no one, not even his supposedly master. I believe that Cody would never been able to be in a real D / s relationship, he can force himself only so far to accept someone like Tristan, someone who plays a mild version of the game.

The merit of the book is to have a wider breath than a short story, actually when I closed it, I had the feeling to have just read a nice novella, even maybe a nice beginning of a longer book. There is still plenty to say about these two, and I would like to read it.


Amazon Kindle: Gay Like You (G-A-Y)
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (June 22, 2009)

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Tags: author: kim dare, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: bondage submission

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