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Dreams Come True by Lisa Marie Davis

It's not the first time that I noticed, reading a novella by Lisa Marie Davis, that she has a very sweet romance perspective on the world... it's nice, it's innocent, it's fresh... probably it's not true, or it's too sugary, but it's made of the same material that dreams are. Cinderfellas, love at first sight, first love never forgotten... they are all elements of that type of romance that sometime is called in a derogatory way, Harlequin, the line that more represents them, but there are million of women all over the world who read that books bagful at once, so there must be something in them.

The novella is told from two point of view, James and Payton, the change in perspective starts at the beginning of every chapter. James was a fragile child, the classical library mouse, and he has always felt as if he was a disappointment for his father; James was not strong and agile enough to be up to his father expectation to have a jock son, and James learned soon enough that there was no way to change his mind. To add pain to shame, his sister Ava brought home the perfect boyfriend, Payton, handsome, clever and excellent in every sports; for all his youth James witnessed to his father's betrayal. It was not either that James was compared to Payton, there was no game, Payton was simple ignored. And James couldn't even fully hate Payton, since soon enough he discovered that he had a crush on his sister's boyfriend. After a youth of loneliness and the last refusal by his father when he came out to his family, James left for College and tried to forget his love for Payton, without a lot of success.

Meanwhile Payton had a fight for his own. Also him was gay, but he had not the courage to "officially" come out; when he did with his family he was refused like James, and so he depended to James' family to have a fake appearance of stability. He realized that he was hurting James, stealing the boy's father, but he was not strong enough to renounce to it. And slowly he fell in love for James, who silently suffered it all. Now both adult, Payton wants to conquer James' heart, and finally realize their dreams.

As I said there is quite a pink glasses perspective during all the romance; true, both James than Payton had very bad experiences of non acceptance, but all in all, they managed to overcome them and build a good life for them. It has to be said that they both came from a middle class environment, they suffered for the refusal of their relatives, but they have never had financial trouble, their parents never cut them off, and they had the chance to go away and build a life for their own. The sweet romance perspective is also clear in the sex, that is almost chaste, sometime even naive... the heroes are middle twenty men, but they behave like teenager.

Sincerely maybe someone could question on the truth of this story, but I have to say that it left me with a warm feeling. Is it true? for me it doesn't matter.


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