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Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson

The lasting impression I have, after reading this book, is of young and sexy, of men that could be on a glossy magazine. It's an erotic dream and the author well know this, since she herself wrote that her characters can be an erotic imagery of both gay guys or straight girls. For gay since it shows two "apparently" straight boys that are hot for each other... it gives hope, isn't it? If the object of your desire is a straight man, reading about two straight men who realize that they can be attracted by another man let the gay guy believe that it can happen also to him, to find a straight man that can be "turned". And instead if you are a girl, it's sexier to read about two real "men" getting busy together; as the author wrote, the male fantasy about two women in bed is never played by lesbian, but always by the male idea of a beautiful woman.

Evangeline Anderson also plays along the "gay for you" theme that already explored in "The Assignment": Maverick and Duke are two college students and jocks. They met as freshmen in the same soccer team and they went to live together as roommate. They are real buddy friends, and Mav learned from Duke to be more open and friendly: the son of divorced parents, Duke replaced his lost family with a lot of friends, of every shades, straights, gays and in between. Mav, coming from a conservative family, has never thought to be possible to be like that and he is fascinated by his roommate; from looking to him in a perplexed way, after four years Mav actually respects his friend, and maybe he also envies him.

Duke is also a very touchy feeling guy, one who seems unable to don't couple his words with a hug, a massage or some other touch. Being him like that with everyone, Mav got used to it, and he has no trouble at all if not that lately he is starting to respond. He is starting to wonder how it would be to do something more, to go a step further. They start to play gay chicken, getting always more intimate and daring to other to give on first. At first I had the idea that the "gay for you" character was Duke, it seemed to me that it was Mav that started to question their friendship and to wonder. But then I realized that there was something strange, Duke was always to eager to start the dare. I realized that he had planned a slow seduction of his best friend, and Mav was trapped, and he didn't understand when it happened.

It would have been a perfect plan if Duke wasn't so eager and he didn't rush exactly when he was near the goal... not a right move for a skilled sportsman. Luckily for Duke, this is the romance, and the author doesn't ruin the mood; usually the "gay for you" themed novels have a heavy mood, but not this one, it always remains light and sexy.


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