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Dark Horse by Josh Lanyon

What strange way to start a novel: the two main characters, Sean and Dan, have met some weeks before, but we read their story after they have decided to live together.

Sean is an actor stalked by a mad fan. Dan is the cop assigned to his case. Now the stalker maybe is dead (not for sure), and Sean and Dan live together. But someone continues to blackmail Sean and he begins to question his relationship with Dan.

Sean is a 25 years old nice guy who has made outing in the worst way: trying to kill himself at the age of 16. Now he has admitted his omosexuality, but still has some problems to deal with sex ("complete" sex) with a man.

Dan is a 35 yearl old liutenant of LA, an arrived man that has no problem to admit his sexuality and with a lot of more sex experience than Sean. And he is also an authority figure, who, even if unwillingly, try to control everything and everyone around him.

And Sean has now two big problems to deal with: an new unknown stalker and stopping to acting the role of a gay and beginning to be a gay, unless he doesn't want to lose his lover. And sometimes bet on the dark horse is a winning choice...


Amazon Kindle: The Dark Horse
Publisher: Just Joshin (April 12, 2012)
Tags: author: josh lanyon, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: cops, theme: may december, theme: show business

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