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Behind the Cover: Franco Accornero

Franco Accornero is one of the "name" of romance cover artists, with Daeni or Duilio. So many covers and stepbacks that is almost impossible to list. Unfortunately, he has not an official website, but I recently bought his Postcard Book with wonderful covers in postcard format.

Caught in the webs of passion lovers surrender to their feverish desires on these romance novel covers. In an all-new extra-large format this postcard collection will make for a steamy and romantic correspondence.

Star Keeper by Patricia Potter

Princess of Fire by Shannon Drake

Sweet Talking Man by Betina Krahn

By Arrangement by Madeline Hunter

The Protector by Madeline Hunter

Prince Charming by Elizabeth Thornton

Stealing Heaven by Madeline Hunter

If you are a romance collector like me, you can buy it here:

Unbridled Passion Postcard Book
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