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Excerpt Day: Until The End Of Time by Shawn Lane

Until The End Of Time by Shawn Lane
Release Date: July 26, 2009
Publisher: Amber Allure
ISBN: 978-1-60272-551-5 (Electronic)
Publisher Link: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/UntilEndTime.html

Blurb: The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller At Long Last... Seven months into their relationship, Preston has yet to tell his parents he is gay and living with Scott. When they are invited to the wedding of Preston’s ex-wife, a wedding Preston’s parents will also attend, Scott hopes Preston will finally admit to their relationship. But Preston fears having the same strained relationship Scott has with his father, or worse, being disowned. While Scott is beginning to believe Preston will always be ashamed of their love and will never come around to admitting the truth, Preston wonders if Scott will bolt if he doesn’t stick to Scott’s timetable. Preston has a tough choice. Trust his parents with the truth or risk losing Scott forever...


..."Hello, may I speak to Mom, please?"

Preston winced at the edge in Scott´s voice. Obviously Scott´s father had answered the phone. Scott still hadn´t forgiven the man for the way he acted just as he and Preston were getting together. He´d said he would eventually, but Preston wasn´t sure his lover would ever have anything but a tense, awkward relationship with his father.

"I´d prefer to speak with her," Scott said from the other room. "When will she be back?" A heavy sigh. "Fine. Can you please tell her I´m going out of town for a few days and I´ll call her when I get back on Sunday?"

And therein was the biggest reason Preston didn´t want to tell his own parents about being gay and living with Scott. He feared their reaction. Sure, maybe he was a damn coward. But he´d grown up with loving parents. He had a great relationship with his dad and it would just about kill him if it became like Scott´s relationship with his dad.

In his head, Preston knew Scott and Kenneth Trask had never had the closeness he´d had with his dad, so he shouldn´t judge his own situation by their strained relationship. But his heart didn´t want to listen.

In his family no one had ever been gay or different in anyway. They hadn´t been happy when he and Marilyn divorced. No one in his family ended their marriage. He couldn´t even begin to fathom how they would react to him being gay and in love with another man. One thing he did know was that if he had to choose between his parents and Scott, he´d choose Scott. That didn´t mean the choice would be easy.

He came out of the bathroom and tossed the lube in his suitcase. It wouldn´t hurt to be prepared. Scott had hung up the phone. "Everything okay, honey?"

Scott blew out a breath and smiled. "Sure. No problem."

He noticed Scott had already filled his own suitcase with shorts, shirts, and underwear. He didn´t see any pajamas so he figured maybe it was the right thing to bring lube after all.

He packed quickly, his gaze constantly going to Scott as he worked. He couldn´t keep his eyes off his lover. Never could, really. Scott´s gym shorts were baggy, but Preston knew the perfection of Scott´s round little ass. And damn it, it was distracting.

"What?" Scott asked, catching him looking.

Preston smiled. "Well, you´re really hot."

Scott laughed. "Finish packing and you can do something about it."

"Almost done now." He tossed in a couple extra pairs of socks and underwear.

His lover zipped up his own suitcase and set it on the floor. "I´m going to take this out and put it by the front door. You got your suit in the garment bag?"


Scott also scooped that up and wheeled his bag out of the room.

Preston re-checked that he had everything and closed his suitcase. He set it on the side of the room, then pulled down the blanket and sheet on the bed.

Scott came back, already pulling his muscle T-shirt over his head. He dropped it at the foot of the bed.

Preston´s mouth twisted. "Babe, the hamper is right there."

Scott´s grin was decidedly unrepentant and wicked. He shrugged and turned his back on Preston. He slowly lowered his shorts, like a striptease, exposing only the very top of his crease.

Preston swallowed. He tore off his own shirt, his gaze never leaving that tight ass as Scott scooted the shorts down over the curve of his cheeks. "Shit, babe, you´re making me crazy."

Scott grinned over his shoulder. "That´s the plan, Pres."

Preston´s shirt fell from his hands to the floor. Now Scott had his shorts pushed all the way off his ass and he inched them toward his knees.

Preston decided his lover was going much too slowly and, with a growl, reached for Scott, who let out a squeal of surprise. He pulled the man against him, rubbing his still-short-covered straining erection along Scott´s ass.

Scott leaned back his head, resting it against Preston´s shoulder. He moaned low and it sounded so fucking sexy, Preston´s cock jumped.

"Fuck." He groaned and pushed Scott toward the bed. "Get on the mattress-now..."
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