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Seduced (Screen Shots 1) by Willa Okati

The Screen Shots series is a woman perspective on the gay porn industry. Here Willa Okati imagines that a former female porn star, who likes to see man on man action, and her gay best friend, have founded a porn producing company, Twenty Something Twinks. They manage it like a free sex community, in a small farm just outside the city, where both producer, director and actors are happy to go every morning, like it is a day at play more than work.

The new addition to this odd family is Cody. Cody is just out college with a degree in philosophy that didn't help him to find a job. Take like that, you could think that he decided to try the porn industry path since he was desperate for a job, but it's not exactly like that. Cody is bi-curious, and even if he has never had a same-sex experience, he is not against the idea, and why not earn also some money? For Cody is simple, he has never had trouble with his sexuality.

Not of the same attitude is Aaron, Cody's roommate. Aaron was never at ease to share his sexual exploits with Cody, and now that is friend is doing it for work, it's even worst. Aaron is feeling something, maybe jealousy, and the worst thing is that he really likes the guys with whom Cody is working. If Cody was working with some ugly men in a sad environment, maybe there would be the chance for him to stop, but like that? No way. And so, if you can beat them, why not join them?

The turning point of this story is, can you really love a man, but share him with a bunch of other guys just only for sex? Apparently yes, otherwise all the porn stars would be single. The story is a funny romp, easy and enjoyable, and it's almost sweet to read the common life of Aaron and Cody, both of them so unfit to the simplest housekeeping chores, not exactly the epitome of the flamboyant gay guy, more boys in need of a mum to look out for them.


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Tags: author: willa okati, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: friends benefits, theme: show business, theme: virgins

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