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Man Candy Day: Courtland Anderson, Anthony Lowther & Christian Helland

Dylan Rosser is often showcased in my Man Candy post. I like his style, I like his use of colours, he seems able to find the right colour for every models, enhancing his skin. I like also that he always finds very particular men, without doubt beautiful, but not always a standard (and sometime boring) beauty. Dylan Rosser's models are various and different, able to satisfy every taste. Today I picked three of them, Courtland, very young but I bet with a bright future in the modelling industry, Anthony, not new to the industry, and also a favorite of Fabrice Lachant, another photographer I like very much, and Christian, a cool beauty who unveils unexpected hidden layers.

Courtland Anderson, 20 years old, is partly African American, Dutch and Cheyenne Indian, and was born in a far away city named 'Daygo,' also known as San Diego. When he was seventeen, he decided that dreaming a fairy tale wasn’t enough anymore. He wanted to make it come true, and thus he went on his quest which brought him to Los Angeles, the city of angels, and Hollywood, the city of stars. Here he found his fulfillment, working for television, movies and featuring in music videos. But that isn’t enough for Cortland. He has bigger dreams.

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Anthony Lowther, founder of Dynamite hosts, spotted a gap in the market and he intends to fill it with Adonis-esque party hosts! Dynamite Hosts is a unique and pioneering agency that offers exceptional personnel. Combining the fact all hosts are well established models along with their ability to interact with party goers of all backgrounds, thus creating that required extra edge and energy to any event.

Born in Newcastle in 1980, Anthony can DJ to a high standard and he is specialising in all that is house. He has had a lot of experience as a free style dancer and is very competent at most sports and was a swimmer for his county. His model agency is Storm; he was on GT Magazine cover and he is one of the Man Candy for Dylan Rosser.

This Super 8 film was shot during a photoshoot with photographer and director Joseph Sinclair

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Christian Helland is a 26 years old Norwegian guy based in London. Christian is represented by D1 Models, U.K. (www.d1models.com) and Team Models, Norway (www.teammodels.no).



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