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Storykeeper by Jade Buchanan

As the cover suggests (and btw, a beautiful cover by P.L. Nunn) there is a bit of yaoi in this romance, above all in the character of Jason, the blushing virgin. I'm not disappointed by it, since I bought the book expecting it, this is one of the time where the cover tells and enriches the story in the right way.

When I say that there is a yaoi influence it's not only in the blushing of Jason, but also in the way he is forced by Enitan, the Storykeeper, to admit his desires. Deep inside himself, Jason knows what he wants, but he has not yet act according to his desires. Jason is even too pretty, pale translucent skin, blue baby eyes, blond curly hair; all his life he was avoided by girls since he was too cute, maybe even more than them, and by boys since he wasn't male enough. In this situation, Jason has not really had the chance to decide what he really likes, he simply avoided every temptation. He devoted himself to his study, becoming the classical library mouse.

Then his sister came to live with him and brought a very special novelty in his life: her collection of romance books. Among those books, Jason found something unexpected, man on man love stories (cameo role for the Tin Star and J.L. Langley who is the first author our Jason tried). From that moment on, a more than 20 years old Jason is awakened to his own desires, homosexual desires. But he still doesn't act on them, he limited himself to read and dream. Then one day he finds a very special book, a book that writes itself while Jason is living the story, and that brings Enitan in Jason's life. Enitan is an immortal being, and he has no actual corporeal form, he assumes the body that Jason likes, tall, dark straight long hair, chocolate skin... it's not difficult to notice that he is at the opposite of Jason, both in body than behavior. Where Jason has problem to express his feelings, Enitan is more than ready to voice them and to act according to them. He teaches to Jason all he has to know about sex and love, but the book will be ended soon.

The plot of your dream man who comes out from the book is not new, I remember a novella by Sherrilyn Kenyon, who then developed her famous Dark Hunter series from another similar story, Fantasy Lover. Here the interest lies in the character of Jason and probably in his repressed feelings, Enitan not only represents who Jason wants as companion, he is also who Jason would like to be, and for this reason he is dark where Jason is light, and he is bold where Jason is shy. More than dreaming to be Enitan's lover, Jason would like to be Enitan himself.

The book is basically a sexy romp played in the little bedroom of a shy book mouse... probably the story half and more the romance reader are dreaming.


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Cover Art by P.L. Nunn
Tags: author: jade buchanan, genre: paranormal, length: novel, review, theme: elves, theme: virgins

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