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Off the Beaten Path by Katrina Strauss

Kyle and Travis represent two different ways to be gay. Travis is comfortable with his sexuality, but he doesn't feel the need to flaunt it; he came out to his parents when he was in high school, he had not too much trouble, probably due to the fact that he is from a middle class family and has always lived in good neighborhoods and with all the allowance he needed to fulfill every whims. Travis wants to be like all the other guys, he doesn't want to be pointed out. His theory is: if you are straight, you don't claim it at first encounter, so why, as a gay guy, he should state it beforehand? If directly asked, he doesn't deny, but if not, he doesn't willingly prompt the info.

On the other side there is Kyle; from more or less the same environment as Travis, middle class family and good neighborhood, he faces his homosexuality at the exact opposite. If he could, Kyle would tattoo "I'm gay and proud" on his forehead. He is always first in line when there is something to argue upon, he is gay, vegan and extremist, and everyone who is not with him, is against him.

Apparently Kyle and Travis are a mismatch, but as the old motto says, opposites attracts. And I think also that their attitude toward the "gay" thing, is not so much due to a life turning decision but more to a personal behavior. Even if they were not gay, Travis would be the same a conservative type of guy, good boy and best friend, the one who has never given trouble at home, handsome but, truth be told, a bit on the average side, someone you would not pick on the crowd. Kyle instead is the dissenting type; since he is gay, he brings on the LGBT campaign for gay rights, but if he was not, he would have another reason to protest. It's in Kyle's nature to contest, and when there were no reasons, he probably would invent one.

Travis and Kyle are not so young, they are over 21 years old, but all in all, they are still boys at play. Their ways to face the life is probably the same attitude they will have in the future, but for now it's all a game. Other than being at the opposite in their beliefs, they have no real trouble in life. They are, maybe, a bit spoiled brats, but they are nice guys. Their story is not dramatic, and both of them, despite the differences, are good at heart boy, I envision for them a bright future, possibly together, but nevertheless good. This is a light and nice story of two young boys in love, with good sex, healthy and simple good sex, that comes before love but that obviously leads to it.


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Cover Art by Marci Gass
Tags: author: katrina strauss, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: college

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