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Excerpt Day: Spying the Alcove by Laura Tolomei

Spying the Alcove by Laura Tolomei
Release Date: August 1, 2009
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-347-0
Publisher Link: http://www.extasybooks.net/ebjmsite/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=31&flypage=ebook_flypage&product_id=6207&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=44&vmcchk=1&Itemid=44

Amazon Kindle: Spying the Alcove

Blurb: When the words of his assistant declares sex is to be shared for it’s too precious to lock away in a drawer or save for an exclusive use alone, that it’s free, and has no limitations except the ones we ourselves choose and gender should never be an acceptable limit, the Professor has trouble accepting this simple concept despite the intriguing tale of a Roman matron’s journey into sensuality. Her erotic adventures come to life every night through a magic medallion, offering Valerio the chance to spy on her passionate matings. Will he understand her true message and find fulfilment?



Turning around, they continued their oral sex until Paolo trapped Andrea under him, leaning heavily on his buttocks to keep him down. Despite the attempts to break free, Andrea could not stop Paolo from using his firm roundness as a playground, either sinking his teeth into the tempting flesh or teasing the narrow hole with long, forceful licks. Understanding the new game, Andrea stopped struggling, surrendering to Paolo's interested explorations.

Switching to wet fingertips, Paolo traced the outer rim of the hidden hole, feeding Andrea's burning desire. The assistant groaned, pushing his ass further up, willing to sacrifice it to Paolo's own hot excitement. Yet, for both men the torture seemed too sweet to end. Paolo bent again, his tongue replacing the finger's slow stirring. With a hard point, he licked the edges, then pushed inside the narrow opening and Andrea's flesh wrapped around it, sucking him down its depths. Paolo pulled back, then shoved forward, increasing the rhythm to match Andrea's swaying movements.

"Please, take me," Andrea begged, his nerves completely on fire.

Paolo obeyed. Aiming his cock at the narrow hole, he nudged the entrance to get inside. With relaxed muscles, Andrea surrounded the bulging head penetrating inside, sucking it down. After another groan, he raised himself on his hands and knees to accommodate the cock better. Adjusting to the change, Paolo first pulled back, then shoved forward, sliding the entire bulging head through. One more push and Paolo was firmly inside, held prisoner by the tight flesh that wrapped around his thickness.

Sliding in, then out, he set the pace for their ride, Andrea soon following his movement, pushing back at every thrust until Paolo pulled out and tipped the assistant down on the bed, making him lie on his back. Grabbing his legs, he held them against his chest, raising the ass to meet his still hungry cock. His first shove penetrated almost to the hilt and they resumed their dance more vigorously than before.


I didn't quite understand what he meant until I started playing. My mouth reached for the cock, but it had to fight against Brutus's hungry attacks. Our tongues battled strenuously over the soft skin, lashing out in hard laps to gain full control. Our battleground was becoming harder by the second, its bulging head flopping from one mouth to the other. When I managed to outwit Brutus, I sucked fast and deep, knowing I didn't have the privilege of time. Too soon, my rival stole it from me, sucking just as hard, but managing to nurse it longer than I did. Sometimes, we even missed our target altogether and our tongues simply curled around one another, challenging more action. It was always Brutus though, who managed to get free and return to his intended prize.

In a matter of minutes, both cocks were as hard as stone and neither had trouble slamming into one of my available holes. Brutus's shaft strained against my stomach so I pulled up to give it the room it demanded. Taking advantage of my stirrings, Brutus gestured at Britannicus. "Time to show the lady we also appreciate her sex, not just ours."

"And I know exactly how," Britannicus agreed, picking me up and bringing me back to the bed.

Brutus followed us. "But I want her sweet ass this time," he warned getting closer.

"As long as there's room for me, too, you can have whatever you like," Britannicus grinned, already lying on his back. Holding me by the armpits, he flipped me around to straddle him, bringing me down on his hard cock, and my flesh closed it in completely. I wanted to take a moment to enjoy the feeling of the hardness filling me, but they didn't give me any time. Pushing down my back, Britannicus spread my buttocks apart for Brutus to take his own plunge. "Come on, lover, shove that big dick of yours into her ass," he urged.

"Wait," I begged as I felt the hard tip penetrating because my asshole had tightened painfully, the impact a bit too sudden for my tastes.

"She's just being coy," Britannicus intervened, holding my shoulders to block any movements.

"I'm not," I protested, trying to get free. "I just want-"

"Nothing, woman," Britannicus cut me off. "Your body now belongs to us and we'll do what we damn please with it."
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