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Excerpt Day: The Ancient Stone by D.J. Manly

The Ancient Stone by D.J. Manly
Release Date: August 2, 2009
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-342-5
Publisher Link: http://www.extasybooks.net/ebjmsite/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=31&flypage=ebook_flypage&product_id=6109&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=44

Amazon Kindle: The Ancient Stone

Blurb: Darien is thrilled with the house Brennus wants to buy for them, and he’s thrilled to be close to his sister again and The Grinning Moon. Brennus is even considering going back to the university to teach. He doesn’t know that someone has been watching and waiting, an unlikely villain who longs to be close to Brennus. And he will do anything, including summoning a demon who can give him an ancient stone…an ancient stone that can control the undead, that can control Brennus. When a bumbling outcast has possession of an ancient stone that can cause Brennus to almost destroy him, Darien knows he’s in trouble. With the help of Marcel, Anita, Zendle and Anna, they will have to do everything they can to liberate the world’s most powerful immortal before it’s too late. Don’t miss the latest installment in the adventures of Brennus, and his beloved witch.


Anna shook her head. "Darien, really, red?"

"Only one wall," he said. "I´m partial to red."

"I get it and yuck."

He laughed, and gave her a quick hug.

"Double yuck." She made another face. "Where is Mr. Saviour of the world?"

"Better not let Brennus hear you say that."

"Probably off biting someone," she mumbled.

"Actually," a deep voice said suddenly, "I was contemplating a little dinner. Care to volunteer?"

Anna turned on her heel, sucking in some breath. "Brennus, stop sneaking up on people, it´s ah...spooky."

He gave her a faint smile and bowed his head elegantly. "Forgive me, my lady."

Darien chuckled. "He doesn´t do it on purpose."

"So, a pint should do," he said, raising an eyebrow at Anna.

"Forget it," she said, pursing her lips.

"Anna, he´s teasing you," Darien said.

"I know. Instead of teasing me, Mr. Monroe, could you please talk your lover out of painting this wall red?"

"Anna, when do you think I have ever been able to talk your brother out of anything?"

"I´m sure you have your ways."

"Oh, he does," Darien murmured, coming over and wrapping himself around Brennus.

"Bedroom," she said, clicking her tongue.

Darien laughed again, stroking Brennus´ hair. "Okay," he sighed, moving away from him. He looked at his sister, "you paint the living room."


"Yeah but no pinks, or violets."

She gushed with pleasure. "I have so many ideas." She hugged Darien´s neck. "I can´t believe this. I can´t believe you´re back, and so close."

"Thank your brother in law."

She grinned at Brennus. "Thanks handsome."

He shook his head. "First she hates me then she loves me."

"Oh stop. I love you both, even if you´re both a little weird and...ah...cold. I hope you put some heat on in here." Darien placed his hand on the back of her neck and she yelped. "No fair," she pushed him away.

Even Brennus laughed at that.

"Okay, I´ll think about the colour. And furniture? Are you going to have one, or only a bed?"

"Ha, ha," Darien said. "Of course we´ll have furniture. Vampires need to sit down occasionally, even if it´s just for appearance."

"They don´t need to sit down?"

"Well, technically no, but it eases the boredom of standing all the time."

Anna laughed.

Brennus shook his head and left the room.

"Can I pick out all the furniture"

"Sure," Darien shrugged. "Why not? Just don´t make my house look like a mausoleum."

"Do you guys have like a crypt in the basement or...?"

"Anna," he gave her a gentle push, "go home now."

She giggled and kissed him goodbye. "Does Brennus feel cold like that to you?"

"No. Not anymore. When I was a mortal, he did, especially if he needed to feed."

"Okay, too much information. I hope you get back to the store in time for inventory."

"I will," he nodded. "I´ll come in tomorrow night and help you."

"Thanks," she said.

As soon as Anna had left, Brennus came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Darien. They both watched her walk around the corner to the house.

"You think we´re too close?" Darien asked, glancing up at him. "She´s going to be here constantly."

Brennus shrugged. "If she becomes bothersome, I´ll just eat her for dinner."

Darien punched him in the arm. "You´re not going to eat my sister!"

Brennus laughed as Darien turned around his arms. "Okay, can I eat you?"

"Um, baby, yeah. Do it."

"We have no bed yet."

"When has that ever stopped us? Get those clothes off." Darien slowly undid the buttons of Darien´s black shirt and watched as it slid off his broad shoulders. The sound of the material falling to the floor fuelled his anticipation. He loved these vampire senses. He allowed his finger tips to rake over Brennus´ delicious chest, pausing at his nipples then moving down to his pants.

Brennus uttered not a sound. He just watched him quietly. His Brennus, strong, beautiful, silent...driving him to distraction.

Brennus did utter a soft laugh as Darien got hung up on the top button of his pants.

"Why do you need clothes?" he muttered.

"I suppose I could constantly walk around in a state of undress, awaiting your every pleasure."

Darien nodded, yanking down the zipper. "Good idea," he said, following the path of Brennus´ pants as they plunked to the floor at his feet. "At least there´s no underwear." He dropped to his knees and removed his shoes, and pushed away the material which was serving as a great source of irritation at the moment. He kissed Brennus´ calf, moved up to the inside of his thigh and licked him there, tightening his hold on his delectable ass, letting the head of his erection brush his lips. "You´re always hard."

"You too."

"Is it a vampire thing?" He looked up at him, fondling his cock.

"No, I believe it´s a love thing."
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