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Excerpt Day: Public Exposure by EM Lynley

Public Exposure by EM Lynley
Release Date: August 1, 2009
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-450-4
Publisher Link: http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/publicexposure.htm

Blurb: Drake Talbott is a young university professor with a big secret: he's been dating a student. Hunky, handsome Kerry Monroe isn't in any of Drake's classes, but he has a public sex kink that Drake is in no particular hurry to curb. In fact Kerry's brought out a wilder side of Drake that he never knew he possessed. When an extracurricular tryst in the library stacks nearly brings their relationship to the attention of the powers that be at the university, Drake's just not sure whether his career will survive Kerry's appetites--or his own.


Drake woke up in the middle of the night for about the fifth time. Now wide-awake, he wouldn´t fall asleep again anytime soon. For the past week, he´d wondered whether his relationship with Kerry Monroe was a good idea.

Sure, Kerry was amazing. Not just handsome and smart and hotter than hell, but also funny and exciting to spend time around. Drake had never met anyone who´d caught his attention quite the way Kerry had, and he wanted to spend as much time with him as possible-in or out of bed. That´s how great Kerry was.

The only drawback-and it was a doozy-was that Kerry was a student at the university where Drake taught psychology. He wasn´t Drake´s student-Kerry was a senior in linguistics-but Drake didn´t know whether that even mattered anymore. He should have checked the university´s policy regarding these relationships before it had gotten this far. Because right now, Drake was positive he couldn´t give Kerry up even if he had to.

He glanced across the bed at Kerry´s sleeping form, enjoying how the moonlight streaming through the gap between the curtains played across Kerry´s tanned, muscular torso and threw silvery highlights onto his near-black hair. As Kerry shifted position, the sheet fell away from his body. Drake decided he had plenty of reasons to keep this relationship going-in secret if necessary-and reached out to stroke Kerry´s chest, just a feather-touch at first, and then with more pressure as he moved farther down Kerry´s beautiful body.

Kerry must also have been restless, and Drake´s touch brought him out of a shallow slumber.

"Kerr, I can´t sleep. Let´s go for a ride," Drake suggested when Kerry opened his eyes and fixed his gaze on him.

"Sure, I can´t really sleep either." Kerry tried to stifle a yawn. "But what do you mean, `go for a ride´?" His voice rumbled low and gravelly with sleep and sounded as if he´d promise anything Drake might want.

"I need some fresh air. Clear my head."

"We could take your car down to the beach or something? With the top down?" Kerry raked his fingers through his long, perpetually disheveled hair. Even after sleeping for a few hours, Kerry´s hair didn´t look much worse than usual, and any attempt at smoothing it now proved useless. Drake smiled at the thought.

"On the bike, Kerr. Let´s go for a ride on your bike." Drake loved riding behind Kerry, letting Kerry take control for both of them. Not to mention how hot Kerry looked in all that dark leather. "You awake enough for that?"

"Yeah, okay, we can do that." Kerry sat up and stretched like a lazy cat, giving Drake an excellent view of all the reasons maybe they should just stay in bed right now instead of leaving the house. But Drake loved the idea of heading down to the beach, and he had something particular in mind once they got there, so they got up and pulled on the clothes that were scattered on the floor around the bed. Downstairs in the front hallway, Kerry shrugged into his leather jacket and pulled two helmets out of the closet.

"I´m glad I brought the extra helmet with me this time." Kerry handed one to Drake. He zipped up his own leather jacket, took the helmet, and they left the house. Kerry´s bike, a sleek, sexy, black Ducati Monster, stood in the driveway, and Drake recalled the first time he´d seen Kerry waiting for him to come home, leaning back on that bike, hips jutting out. Drake was already half-hard with the memory. He watched Kerry settle onto the bike then climbed up behind him, and they rode off slowly and quietly down the sleeping street.

With little traffic, the drive to the beach took under twenty minutes. Drake held onto Kerry, enjoying the close contact, first working his hands under Kerry´s jacket then under his shirt, until his hands met Kerry´s warm, bare skin. There was something wildly sensual about touching Kerry´s skin like this when they were separated by layers of leather and denim everywhere else.

Drake moved in closer behind Kerry and cursed the helmet he wore. He wanted to put his face against Kerry´s leather-clad back and smell the rich, warm scent of him. The close embrace and the vibrations from the bike´s smooth engine combined to get Drake more than a little turned on. He pressed his hardening cock against Kerry and let his hands play across Kerry´s tight stomach, tickling their way into the waistband of his boxers.

Drake leaned against Kerry with growing arousal and felt Kerry´s rumbly groan that echoed through his body as Drake felt Kerry harden at his touch. He loved the way their hips swayed together as Kerry maneuvered the bike around corners and curves, and he let his body respond to the motion and to the knowledge that Kerry was nearly as hard as he was. At the moment, neither of them could do much about it without causing an accident. Thankfully, they were almost at the beach.

When they arrived, Kerry slowed, maneuvering through the parking area and out onto a paved path that led onto the beach and about halfway down to the water. Drake´s jeans were so tight now he couldn´t wait to get out of his clothes. As Kerry halted the bike and set the side stand, Drake pulled off the helmet and let it fall with a soft thud to the sand. His jacket went next. He started to pull open his shirt, scattering buttons he couldn´t be bothered to open.

"Leave the engine on," Drake said as soon as Kerry had pulled off his own helmet and tossed it onto the sand beside the pathway.

"Okay...why?" Kerry turned to look at Drake over his shoulder.

"I like how it feels, don´t turn it off."

Kerry only nodded, but his smile widened.
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