elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Gay Commercial: Superbank

Two large men stroll through the city streets, and they are getting a lot of attention from passersby, who turn back to stare at them.

The couple are chatting to each other and are oblivious to the attention they're getting, as it is revealed they're holding hands.

The voiceover chimes in: "One of New Zealand's greatest and Australia's best are now playing for the same team."

Finally, the couple is shown walking alone and the screen changes to the company's logo.

The ad portrays the gay couple as unfazed by the scene they appear to be causing. Ultimately, the couple seems too content and secure to notice any negative attention.

Commercial Closet Association

Company: St. Georges Bank & Foodstuffs NZ
Brand: Superbank
Ad Title: Gay Couple
Business Category: Financial Services
Media Outlets: Television
Country: New Zealand
Region: Australia/New Zealand
Agency: unknown
Year: 2003
Target: Mainstream
Tags: gay commercial

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