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Wicked Game (The Vampire Fred) by Vaughn R. Demont

In a metropolis where it's possible to live by night as you live by day (it's your choice), we find a quite disrupted Fred; 24 years old and still a virgin, Fred was struggling with the realization that he was gay when he was killed in a car accident. Only that he didn't die, the hit man was a vampire, Daniel, who turned him and took residence on his couch and bathtube. Daniel calls Fred his "fledge", and he pretends that he is teaching to Fred how to be a vampire. Trouble is that to Fred it seems that Daniel is only living on his shoulders: Fred comes back every morning (he works at night), with dinner, a cup of blood, he bitches a bit with Daniel, who is slumbering on the couch, and then both of them go to bed in separate room... they are the perfect old married couple!  Blissful life as a couple but without sex... and Fred has not yet realized that sex could be a bonus of this new life.

During the first chapter the book has a definitely funny mood, and the roles seem clear: Fred plays the blushing virgin who will be deflowered by the dashing vampire Daniel. Maybe Daniel is not exactly the epitome of the perfect vampire, and drinking blood from a styrofoam cup is not so sexy. Anyway I was really enjoying this new intake on a classical vampire tale, when the author decided to give another twist in his story. It comes out that Daniel is not a simple vampire, he is a renegade; in the world there are two opposite vampire armies, the one for the Queen and the other for the Emperor; if you are turned by a vampire of a side, you have to be part of that side. Daniel instead, being a whore even before being turned, decided that he didn't like neither side and chose the renegade life. And being Daniel his fledging, now Fred is hunted down by both sides.

The quiet and almost "ordinary" vampire blissful life Daniel and Fred were having, is so turned upside down, and now they are running away from enemies who come out at every corners. At first Fred doesn't know what it is happening, since Daniel instead of telling the whole story, gives him only bit of info when it's strictly necessary. But during the run, the reader, and Fred himself, start to understand that Fred is not a normal vampire and that maybe he is stronger not only of Daniel, but also of the vampires who are hunting them. The roles are reversed and now it's Fred who is playing the hero in shining armor trying to save Daniel from the bad boys.

In the end, it seems that everything Daniel does, even turning Fred in a vampire, it's an accident, something he wasn't planning. He wasn't planning to become a vampire, he wasn't planning to kill Fred, he wasn't planning to turn him, he wasn't planning to fledge a powerful vampire... Daniel is the initiator of all events, but he is not doing it by choice. Fred, at first seems the victim of Daniel's clumsiness, and instead, in the end, he is probably the only one who is able to redirect Daniel's unwilling generating force in something useful. One without the other is no one, together they are an invincible force... even if they don't know how to use that force.

Even if the second part tends to be more adventurous and dark, overall the book maintains a funny mood. The sex scenes are enjoyable but not too detailed, as all in the story, even the sex is something not too serious.


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