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Gay Commercial: One Life

I will post the Gay Commercial one day in advance since tomorrow and for all the weekend I will be out of town, and hopefully far from a computer if not to check my emails at night. So yes, even the weekend schedule will be delayed to Monday (excerpts and so on).

This week I decided to post on a campaign for AIDS awareness brings on by One Life, a no profit organitazion depending on canadian firm Bristol-Myers Squibb. The new campaign has the following slogan, "Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past", and it is represented by the images of three couples, two same sex couples and one het couple. One of the same sex couple is also a interracial one. I think the main purpose of the campaign is to prove that being AIDS aware is not strictly linked to be gay or to your social status.

The ads were photographed by Alain Desjean for ad agency Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada. I like very much the "dry" style, that conveys so much intimacy.

Another very strong campaign, Spread the Word, was the one with the slogan "You Got "One Life", Get Tested", which was represented by a series of little ad with powerful messages for each one. You can see the whole commercial at One Life website (http://www.areyouatrisk.ca/spread-the-word) or the single ads on Youtube:

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