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Behind the Cover: Gordon Crabb

Born in Richmond on Thames in 1948, Gordon studied art at Twickenham College of Art and graduated in 1967. He was first represented by the agency Young Artists (now Arena), and he has worked as a book cover illustrator since that time. His work is very much in demand and he has become one of the most highly-regarded cover artists currently working in the UK.

Eve of Chaos, Commissioned by Tor Books

Eve of Darkness, Commissioned by Tor Books

Farewell to Lancashire, Commissioned by Hodder, UK

Cover of Star of the North commissioned by Hodder

A Pound of Flesh, Commissioned by Penguin Books, New York

In 1976 he first visited New York with his portfolio and since then has also worked consistently for US publishers, notably Bantam and Dell, and currently produces fantasy covers for Daw and Tor Books in particular.

In 2004 he started to produce a range of high-quality fine art prints and has now launched the first set of twelve. These represent a move away from his illustration work in a more surrealist direction. With a slight feeling of restraint when working for book covers, the freedom with which he can work on these new ideas has brought immense pleasure.

In 2007 he started to show his prints at Merchant Archive, a lifestyle gallery in London, and they have adopted one of his earlier images as their identity. There is an ongoing collection of prints on show there and it usually includes the most recent work.

His first major exhibition of paintings was in Aberystwyth and he has also exhibited paintings in Western art galleries in Texas since the 1980's.

He lives in Aberystwyth, Wales, with his wife and son and is influenced by the beauty of the rugged landscape and wild weather around him.

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