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Excerpt: No One's Cherry by Julia Talbot

Cherry edited by M. Rode
Release Date: 08/2009
Publisher: Torquere Books
ISBN: 978-1-60370-755-8
Publisher Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2068

Blurb: What's better than a hot guy having his cherry popped? Ten hot couples doing it! From the first kiss ever, the first kiss with a new lover, or just the first time trying something new, Cherry has it all. From tender and sweet to raunchy and hot, from new lovers to old marrieds, this anthology has something for everyone. With stories from Torquere newcomers and veterans alike, Cherry brings ten stories that are sweet and spicy, that explore the dynamics of trying out something new, be it kissing guys, meeting the in-laws or going places you've never gone before. There's just something about a first time, and Cherry brings you ten different ones.

Stories include:
No One's Cherry by Julia Talbot
First of Foot, Right of the Line by Kiernan Kelly
Nice Girls Do by Mallory Path
Lessons by Kathryn Scannell
Just Like Him by Dallas Coleman
Who Shall I Tell by Martin Delacroix
File Gumbo: A Roughstock Story by BA Tortuga
Alpha Male, Beta Male by Taylor Lochland
Different Strengths by JL Merrow
Graduation by Sean Michael


From No One's Cherry by Julia Talbot

"I am not a virgin." Crispin wasn't anywhere near a virgin in theory, reality, or even physical proximity. He was at his friend Marc's Rainbow Barbeque party. There was no such thing as a virgin among Marc's favorite flamers.

"You so are." Marc toasted him with a glowing green margarita, which looked unnatural as hell. "You're a cherry."

"Marc, I was married for ten years. There's no way I can be a cherry." Crispin was thirty-two years old. He'd been in the army. No cherry.

"Yes, yes. Women." Marc flapped his free hand. "You got divorced because you were gay, and you've never so much as touched another dick. Ergo, virgin."

"Hey, I can't help it if the only fruity thing about me is my name." He didn't set off gaydars, or so he was told. Hell, he was damned manly, especially compared to Marc's buddies. Crispin had to admit he liked his men as manly as him. "You know how I feel about that. Until I can find a guy..."

"Who can take you and make you like it. Yes, darling, but that means you'll never get laid. Look at you. You're huge!"

He was not huge, either. But at six-one and two-hundred pounds of sold muscle, Crispin knew he could be a little intimidating. He wasn't a size queen or anything. He just had to stay in shape for his job.

Still, Marc's frank admiration made him flex a little.

"So not a virgin."

"So very much so." Marc glanced around, eyes lighting up when they landed on something beyond Crispin's shoulder. "Glenn! Come here a moment, love. I have a question to pose to you."

Crispin rolled his eyes before he turned around, expecting to see another skinny little queen with perfect hair, like most of Marc's friends turned out to be.

Glenn was so not one of those.

The guy who walked over in answer to Marc's shout was probably only about five-nine, but he was solid, well-developed guns hanging out of a tight gray T-shirt, his ridged abs showing just a bit. He had blond hair and pretty greenish-gray eyes, and he looked like he liked to get some sun. The tan was natural, not spray-on.

Crispin could jack off to this guy for weeks.
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