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LGBTQ Award: Setting rules

So no one told me I'm fool, and it's already a good thing, and more or less the suggestions I received are in line with my first idea. Only one people replied that my categories are all erotica, and so they don't have books to submit: I actually went to re-read those categories, and where some of them are probably erotica (BDSM, Menages...), I don't think they are ALL erotica: Fantasy? Coming of Age? Silver Romance? are those erotica?

I don't know, I'm not much for the idea to create erotica and non erotica categories, it would be probably difficult to set a range to part what it's in one or the other. But if you think it's better, let me know. So basically, let me summarize all.

First phase: an initial round to determine the candidatures. I will create a single post for each category, I will prepopulate each category with the titles I think will fit in them or that people will submit me, plus I will leave people in the comment section to add titles for the first week. Always in the comment section, people will vote the title. The same person can vote more books in the same category (obviously they can vote more books in different categories), only please don't vote ALL the books of the category. I have faith in you that you will not cheat (BTW I will check the IP address, you can vote even if you haven't a LJ account). The voting phase will be open for 1 month. At the end of the month I will draw the first 10 in each category.

ETA: To pre-fill the categories with the books you would like to see in them, just comment here or write to me in private. It's possible to candidate the same book in more categories if you think it will fit. Next Saturday I will post a blog for each category with the already prefilled titles and the voting phase 1 will start. I will accept late candidatures for the first week, and then I will close the categories.

Second phase: a poll for each category with the final 10 titles. 2 weeks to vote and at the end of the 2 weeks, the winner for each category. At this point we already have virtual winners, 1 for each category.

Third and last phase: a selected jury of readers (or authors without eligible books in the categories they have to read) will read 3 books out of the final list and give them a vote (range from 1 to 10): I hope to have enough jurors to have a book read by 3 different persons. A month to read all the books and at the end of the month we will have the final winner.

ETA: I'm accepting volunteers for being in the jury. Please leave a comment here or contact me with a private message.

And now the categories:

1) Contemporary
2) Fantasy
3) Futuristic
4) Historical
5) Paranormal / Horror
6) Mystery / Thriller 
7) Coming of Age / Young Adult
8) Comedy

Non Fiction
1) General Non Fiction
2) Biography / Memoir
3) History
4) Poetry
5) Travel

Special Category: New Author

All the categories are parted in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Queer. Please, help me in filling the categories other than G (my field), otherwise those categories will have problem to survive. For the 2009 LGBTQ Rainbow Awards I will consider ebooks or print books released between September 2008 (included) and August 2009 (Included). I'm not against the idea to consider also re-releases (maybe a previous ebook released in print, or viceversa; or a reprint of the same book from a different publisher).

At the end of the first week, we will reconsider the Categories: if a category has not enough votes or candidatures (I will set a minimum of 5 titles per categories), I will withdraw it from the competion, or at least will try to compact more categories in one.

I will save the names of all people who joined in one of the voting phase. For every voting phase there will be one (or more depending on the availability of prizes) "small" winner among the voting crow: a small award is, for example, a gift certificate from a publisher to download an ebook. At the end of all the voting phases, I will draw a reader winner of a gift basket with ebooks / gift certificates and print books donated by publishers / authors: the winner will have to directly contact the authors who donate print books (publishers and authors are totally free to choose to donate only ebooks). Please consider that, if the winner is not in the same country of the author, it's an own choice of the author to send a print book, he/she can choose to revert to an ebook. The publishers / online booksellers / review sites who already gave their disponibility are (in alphabetical order):







Please let me know if you think some of them should not be there, or if I forgot something.

Sooo: the first phase will start next week. October for candidating, November for skimming, December for selecting and January for reading the final books. First week of February the winner!

Again, I'm totally open to suggestion on all of above.
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