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The Rainbow Awards: Comedy Fiction Popularity Contest Winner

The winner of the popularity contest for Comedy Fiction (and the book goes directly to Phase 3) is:

Gym Dandy by Storm Grant
ISBN: 978-1-934531-94-5 (print)
978-1-934531-95-2 (ebook)
Publisher: MLR Press

Mixed signals or glitchy gaydar? After a first kiss gone horribly wrong, out and outgoing personal trainer Victor Brighton settles for friendship with handsome new client Douglas Newkirk. But is Doug in denial? Each time the boys get close, something or someone interferes: ex-wives, ex-boyfriends, bitchy bosses, even the cable guy. Will our guys work it all out? Read Gym Dandy and find out.

Gym Dandy is a little erotic and a lot entertaining, featuring clever plot twists, engaging characters, and a happy ending. There's even a dog!

Honorable Mention (in popularity order to):

Self Preservation by Ethan Day, Loose Id
Subsurdity Vignettes from Jasper Lane by Eric Arvin, Dreamspinner Press
Happy Endings by LB Gregg, Aspen Mountain Press
Eye Spy Series by Drew Zachary, Torquere Books
Jericho Jones Series by Drew Zachary, Torquere Books
The Vampire Fred: Wicked Game by Vaughn R. Demont, Torquere Books
A-Muse-Ing by Willa Okati, Loose Id
First You Fall by Scott Sherman, Alyson Books
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