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Old Poison (Dangerous Ground 2) by Josh Lanyon

I remember with pleasure the first book in the Dangerous Ground series since it was probably the one by Josh Lanyon with the best romance in it. And it was not only a good romance, it was also quite sexy. Both these aspects I found again in this second book.

Taylor and Will are trying to set in an almost domestic bliss after their experience in the wood. They are not yet living together, they still pretend to have “separate” lives and for the outside world they are only work partners and best friends. But when night comes, they are lovers. Only that it’s not simple, there are still a lot of things to smooth out and some small steps to take, like admitting that what they have is love.

The relationship between them is probably a classic of the cop themed novels. Will is the big and strong federal agent, with a big heart but always at loss with words. He is able to do all the sweet things to prove to Taylor that he loves him, but to say that three words is entirely another thing, something still too difficult. Will is also the more cautious of the two, the one who likes to think over and over things before actually doing them.

Taylor is a burst of energy, during work and private life. He is able to explode with actions and words, and maybe he can also regrets some of them, but always too late. He is at the both time daring and careless, probably the worst side of him and what Will’s silently accused him of. Will probably is not able to say the words, but he is in love with Taylor, and maybe he would like for the man to be more cautious, to consider that now he is no more alone and if something happens to him, he would left behind someone who will suffer for his loss.

Where the other novel was played all outside their day-to-day routine, in a stranger contest both for the reader than the characters, here instead we have the chance to read about their common life. The places they like to go the little things they like to do, it’s another step in comprehend them, but it’s not yet the final step: with the first book we read how their relationship moved on a personal level; now we read how they are getting used to this new aspect of their relationship; we still don’t know how they will face being “exposed” to the outside world, they are not yet going public. There is probably material for a book more, the final step in the building of a long lasting relationship.


Series: Dangerous Ground
1) Dangerous Ground: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/284323.html
2) Old Poison

The Rainbow Awards: Third (and last!) Phase: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/850354.html

Cover Art by April Martinez
Tags: author: josh lanyon, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: cops, theme: friends benefits

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