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She’s Got Balls by Mia Watts

In this novella the author plays a bit with the Desperate Housewives jokes and the stereotypes of big and strong FBI agent.

Chris and Vin are paired together for an undercover mission, one of them will be the “wife” and infiltrate in a tight group of housewives who are growing pot in the suburbs. Why it has to be a man to play the role of a woman when there are so many good female FBI agents, it’s something that is not exactly clear, and it’s probably the only fault of this very nice novella. Actually all the “official” side of the story, the undercover mission and the job to be done, is quite on second stage, like it’s not really important.

From the beginning the story starts on the funny step, when Chris would like to assign the role of the wife to his new partner Vin, at least till the moment he has the chance to see him, big shoulders, adam’s apple, permanent five o’clock beard and unbelievable small hips… no way he can be passed for a woman. No that Chris has any problem to admit that he is attracted to Vin, Chris is gay, but he is not exactly the man who enjoys to be on drag. And having to wear a strap on while sporting a perennial hard on due to Vin’s nearness, it’s not something comfortable to do.

Chris is like a little firecracker, always spurting and chatting, always having something to say to try to irritate Vin, even really sounding like a desperate housewife, but without success: Vin is an unmovable wall and each spitting word by Chris jumps back without any effect. But when Chris decides to try the gentle approach, Vin is more responsive and Chris obtains some results to alleviate the pain in his… stomach… or maybe a little lower.

She’s Got Balls is basically a funny romp, not really a dangerous thriller plot, for once the criminal ring is not so criminal after all, and it doesn’t seem that Chris and Vin take too seriously their mission, at least not as much as they are investing in their possible relationship.


Amazon Kindle: She's Got Balls (Handcuffs and Lace)

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Tags: author: mia watts, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: military

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