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Man Candy Day: Red by Dylan Rosser

After last year “X-Posed” coffe table photo book (http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/453275.html), London-based photographer Dylan Rosser comes out with “Red.” The new photobook amps up the erotic with images based around a color theme.

Amazon: Red

I'm very happy to see some past men candy among the model in the sample below, you can click on their name on the tags section to see their specific posts.

Rosser says he was aiming for a book “that would be visually pleasing”:

“It is all about sensuality and even danger! I had already started using the color in my work during the previous years, so once I had the book concept in my head I started to expand on what I had already done.”

Other than the photo book, it's available also a 2010 Calendar:

Amazon: Red 2010 Calendar


Model: Ari Levanael

Model: Tony Gibble & Clint Shields

Model: Paulo Pascoal

Model: Rob Pacicca

Model: Andy O'Neill

And obviously it's not Man Candy Day without some specific models to light up your day. I decided to feature 3 models who worked with Dylan Rosser and that are quite different one from the other:

Damon Danilo, 26 years old, resides in Orange County, California, works as a personal trainer and likes working out (obvious); he also loves to hang out on the beach, with or without his dogs.

Rugged and manly, the sexual muscular beauty of Damon first appeared on video for Manifest Men, where he shows it all and a little bit more. And Damon also generously showed all of his muscles on Dylan Rosser’s member site The Male Form.

@MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/damondanilo

Sam Devries is a 26 years old Israeli model living in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been shooting with Reed Massengill, Tom Bianchi, Thomas Synnamon, Rick Day, Tony Sand, Greg Weiner, Easonmodels, Stanley Stellar, Walter Kurz, Mark Lynch, Mark Henderson, Jo Lance and Jeff Brewster, as well as drawn by Harvey Redding.

Sam Devries was born and raised in Israel where he studied arts and played soccer before he had to serve his time in the Israeli military. He fulfilled his obligation for a period of 3 years, and when he was finished at the age of 21 he picked up studying again. Computer science this time. Eventually he loved to the United States of America one year and a half ago, and now resides in Pittsburgh, where he keeps himself busy with art, photography and practicing Capoeira.

Moving to the USA wasn’t a bad move for Sam, since this is where he was discovered as a model and by now he has been working with an impressive list of photographers.

@ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/amdevries
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