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Change of Heart by Mary Calmes

It happens sometime that I like a book even if I “personally” don’t like the two main characters. It’s not a dislike due to how they are written, au contraire, I “dislike” them since the author gave them personality, and I don’t like their personality. Basically I think that Jin has the ability to get on nerves even of a saint, and Logan is an overgrown baby that has still a lot to learn.

The author built a complex world for these panther shape-shifters, with a lot of rules, sometime quite useless. One of this rule is that sometime a shape-shifter is born with special powers and a fated role in life, to be the reah, mate, of a semel, the alpha male of a pack. The only problem with Jin is that he is a man and so, to be the reah of a semel, he has to be gay, and a gay shape-shifter is an abomination. Essentially shape-shifters are still ruled by old fashioned laws, mating is not about sex, it’s about bloodline and legacy, and a sterile relationship is not allowed. This is what was said to Jin just before he was banished by his own tribe, and so, when he finds Logan, and he finds also that Logan is his fated mate, he is not so ready to accept his destiny.

The story is a mix of modern and classic elements, a lot of novelty immersed in an old fashioned story. One for all, even if shape-shifters and so with otherworldly powers, Jin and Logan still worry about safe-sex. They talk about having children, and I was wondering if there was some particular power to allow that between two men, when I realize that they were talking of adoption or surrogate mothers. So yes, basically the story was not so original in the plot, but it was original in the way the plot was developed.

Now let me come back to what I said at the beginning, the dislike of the two main characters. I don’t know but sometime I would have liked to jump inside the book and knock them off. All the time Jin brought around Logan for the nose, like a puppy sniffing a saucy piece of meat, well, I was always wondering why Jin couldn’t understand that there was no reason to run away; and instead he was always standing there, listening to all people telling him that he was special, that he was loved, that he was wanted, and always, always, going away, running away. And Logan? Should be he not a strong man, a strong hand, able to take decisions with his brain more than with his lower half body? Why he didn’t take in hand the situation, imposing a little on Jin, making him listen?

So yes, not Jin or Logan gave me the idea of perfect romance heroes, but then, it’s not necessary to have perfect heroes to have a good romance.


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