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Man Candy Day: Players by Rick Day

Like last week with Dylan Rosser, this week I'd like to feature a photographer that is often protagonist of this kind of posts, but not always his name is clearly stated. A Rick Day's work is clearly recognizable, at least for me, aside for the sports theme, that he collected in this new coffe table book, Players, there is also the use of cold colors (white, black, grey, cold red) that mixed together are all then cold.

Rick Day loves to play with the expectations of the contemplator. Superficially it’s all about sports, about immaculate and trained bodies in chunky rugby wear, tight trunks or simply naked. But Rick Day is not just taking pictures of masculine sex appeal. His work impresses with an almost corporeal tension.

'I wanted to blur the lines of sexuality with this project. Men and women should be able to turn the pages and lose themselves in beauty and lust' - Rick Day.

Amazon: Players


Model: Jed Hill

Model: Alex Lago

Model: Lee Kholafai

Model: Erik Bunten

Model: Justin Clynes

Model: Anthony Gallo


A true Southerner, self-taught photographer Rick Day moved to New York City in 1994 and has become a noted name in Fashion Photography. His work has been published in numerous publications such as Elle, Details, Teen Vogue and GQ and shot advertising campaigns for Gap, Ritani and Rufskin. When not traveling, he spends his time in the East Village with his dogs Mila and Luna always shooting the hottest faces in the industry. In a generation where beauty is obsession and sex is a product, he seems to have flawlessly "cataloged the world's sexiest exhibitionists", in their most intimate moments, with his coffee table book Players.

And to complete the "sport" offer, there is not only one but two calendars. Players is the calendar version of the coffe table book:

Amazon: Players 2010 Calendar

And if haven't had enough of Players, you can have also some Athletes:

Amazon: Athletes 2010 Wall Calendar

And now, to complete the post, as usual a triplet of Men Candy. Obviously the selection is among the models who worked for Rick Day.

Jed Hill (born January 23, 1985), former All-Ohio selection from Struthers HS, has played defensive end and tackle during his career at Penn State for the Nittany Lions.


Jed, full name Jedidiah James Hill, majored in crime, law and justice.

Today he decided to become a model and, here too, the results are arriving and his image is all around the world.

Jed was the man of the month for September 2008 on DNA Magazine, his agency is R&L Models in New York


Luke Guldan is a new face at R&L Models in New York, one of the country's premier fitness agencies. The “sport” pic is by Jon Malinwoski, the pics in which Luke Guldan wears that nice flowers shirt are by Rodney K. Folkert, the pics in which Luke has a metropolitan attire and the one in front of the mirror are by Rick Day.



Luke Guldan is one of the fastest-rising models working in fashion today, plus a fitness expert and dieting guru. Luke has competed in the 2007 INBF Natural Hercules Bodybuilding Competition held in New York City on June 30th.

@Luke Guldan: http://lukeguldan.com/

Jamie Dominic, born 22 years ago as Jamie Dominic Mason, is a successful model. He is signed by Silver Model Management in New York.



Besides being a model Jamie Dominic has another big talent. He is a musician. And has been since he was 5 years old. At that young age he already entertained his family and friends with singing, and at the sweet age of 10 he got his first guitar, that he used to practice music for hours in a row in his bed room. Not without success. Over the years Jamie has played in a dozen different bands, one of them coming very close to landing a record contract. Now he is solo, and even though he likes the cooperation with others, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“If I make it big awesome. If I don’t that’s awesome too. My main goal is to touch the hearts of a lot of people along whatever path I take.”

@Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/jamiedominic
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