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Got Mistletoe? by Andi Anderson

Got Mistletoe it’s probably the dream of every salesman (or woman) out there: while the store is crazy with customers and crying kids, you lift your eyes and there, in front of you, there is your perfect man, and the perfect man is attracted to you as you are to him.

Ryan is a really sweet guy, all Christmas joy and pink cheek. At 23 years old he is working as a salesman since basically, I believe, he likes to be among people. If one wants to be grumpy, probably you can say that Ryan is not exactly a man driven by ambition, he is probably a man that would be content to find a boyfriend and play house for the rest of his life.

So yes, it’s probably a good thing that he finds Blake, 30 years old and successful at his construction business, but who still is, deep inside, a family guy. Blake is handsome, old fashioned and gay. He has the instinct to be one to provide for his family, to one to bring to bread at home, he is basically a protective man. Really, he is the perfect match for Ryan, like the missing piece of a puzzle.

Everything is perfect, nice, sweet and warm in this story, the perfect seasonal tale that probably would be the perfect read in front of a fireplace. There is no angst, just a touch of too much sugar to leave you the feeling of a tale, but not too make the story unrealistic, and obviously also a right dose of sex, since, well, even if in a fairy tale with Ryan who seems more an elf than a fairy (no pun intended) and Blake who is perfect in the role of prince charming, this is, after all, the story of two young guys in love.


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Tags: author: andi anderson, genre: contemporary, length: short story, theme: seasonal romance
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