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A Promise Kept by Stormy Glenn

Mason has always been in love with family friend Jack; the first time he met him, Mason was only 16 years old, but he was already well aware that he liked boy and slightly older Jack was every teenager dream date. Only that Jack apparently never reciprocated the feeling and ten years later Mason has finally decided to give on. He is ready to move on, deciding to leave the state for a far away University where complete his Psychology studies. And as expected, as soon as Jack realizes that he is for loosing Mason, now he doesn’t want to loose him.

Mason is a strange mix, he is not so young to be a real twink, 26 years old is too old to “enlist”, but from an emotional side, he has not that age. It’s like Mason took a slow pace when he fell in love with Jack, and all of sudden he awakens to love when he is “picked” up by Jack. From nice but innocent little baby brother and beloved of the family, Mason becomes a perfect top from the bottom, able to twist Jack around his little finger and making him doing everything he wants.

But not only Mason has Jack in his power, it seems that every big and sturdy man around Mason is unable to resist him, from Cooper, police detective and soon Mason’s best friend, to Jordan, Cooper work partner, to a whole series of other men. Maybe it’s Mason’s charm, maybe it’s simply that Mason seems to be the only “little guy” around there, and his innocent and fragile exterior awakens protective feelings in the bigger men.

At one point Mason tries to explain to all those big men that he is more than able to take care of himself, and I would say, he is 26 years old and soon ph.d. in Psychology, but the “men”, Jack in lead, explain to him that they want to preserve his “innocence”, Mason is like an endangered species, with him around the world is better and they need to protect him. I had the feeling that Mason didn’t get it all, and still thought that they were some big loons, but if they wanted to treat him like a prince, for sure he wouldn’t deprive them of it.

The main plot should be the dangerous stalker who is threatening Mason, but in the end, Mason’s turn in a little prince and the pea steals the scene to everything else: I couldn’t really borrow too much attention to the thriller plot when I was there waiting to see what coquette Mason had in mind for poor Jack. Plus, Portland’s police department doesn’t come out as a very clever bunch of detectives, Cooper and Jordan aside, or better, they seem more interested in Mason’s private life than stopping a possible dangerous stalker.


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