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Kathleen Norris (July 16, 1880 - January 18, 1966)

Kathleen Thompson Norris (July 16, 1880, San Francisco, California – January 18, 1966, Palo Alto, California) was an American novelist, wife of fellow writer Charles G. Norris (Salt), whom she wed in 1909, and sister-in-law of the late social novelist Frank Norris (McTeague). She was educated in a special course at the University of California and wrote many popular romance novels that some considered sentimental and honest in their prose. Norris was the highest-paid female writer of her time, and many of her novels are held in high regard today. Many of her novels were set in California, particularly the San Francisco area. They feature detailed descriptions of the upper-class lifestyle. After 1910 she contributed to Atlantic, American Magazine, McClure's, Everybody's, Ladies' Home Journal, and Woman's Home Companion.

A feminist and pacifist who in nearly half a century turned out 81 relentlessly wholesome books (10,000,000 copies sold), plus reportage and innumerable short stories for women's magazines.

She died following a stroke in San Francisco. "I write," she once said, "for people with simple needs, like myself," and her books played endless variations on a single theme: "Get a girl in all kinds of trouble and then get her out."

Kathleen Norris's Books on Amazon: Kathleen Norris

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathleen_Norris
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