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Deceived by Lexie Davis

Deceived is not a crime story, it’s the romance version of a crime story, and so, if you usually avoid the crime genre, since it’s too violent, less romantic, but you want to try the hand with a cop themed novel, probably Deceived can be a good start.

What probably is the most interesting aspect of the story is that the author cared a lot for her characters, their reasons and love, putting them up front the story, leaving so many reasonable details a bit slurry, and caring more for the feelings. For example, Matt was framed for dealing drugs but no one explained how the culprit had a copy of Matt’s home keys (I don’t think it’s so simple to break in a police detective house). Matt was the more likeable corrupted police officer since he has always had easy money, but no one explained from where that money came. Matt escaped from prison, but no one explained how he did that.

On the other hand the author immediately pointed to what was my main complain on Matt and Shayne’s relationship: when Matt was arrested, Shayne had his doubts on his guilt, but more or less he abandoned Matt to his destiny and chose to “punish” himself with a desk job, so that, more or less, he wasn’t even no more able to prove Matt’s innocence. And when Matt runs away from prison, who is the first person he goes to? Shayne. Sincerely, I would be so angry that, yes, I would go to find Shayne, but to kill him. And instead Matt, more or less, spends the night making love. So no, I wasn’t convinced of this turn of events, at least not till the moment when finally Matt’s rage for Shayne comes out, and he asks a right explanation to Shayne, an explanation that Shayne has not. Shayne for me is not justifiable if not by love: Matt can forgive Shayne not since he had his answer, but since he loves Shayne and that is counts more than anything.

So if at the beginning, reading the title and the blurb, the reader can think that the “deceived” was Shayne, but Matt’s betrayal, in the end the really deceived is Matt. Matt is the classical hothead cop, the one that is probably even a bit unreliable, he is even the one in the closet, that at the beginning of the relationship with Shayne made him suffer for a bit of love. Shayne on the other hand is the police office by the book, the quiet one, the emblem of perfection. This is probably the worthy of this novel, to take these two stereotype characters and reverse their role, making Matt the betrayed and Shayne the one that has to prove himself worthy of Matt’s love and trust.


Amazon Kindle: Deceived
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (August 10, 2009)

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Tags: author: lexie davis, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: cops

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