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Still 2 Days to see Kaolin perform

I just discovered that one of my favorite Man Candy, Kaolin Bass (go to read his story, it's a very romantic one ;-)), is on stage at Broadway with an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Kaolin Bass (Alan) is happy to be working with such a great team on Dorian Gray. He has received his BFA from Adelphi University and his MFA from the ART/ XMAT program at Harvard University. Some Theatre credits include Much Ado About Nothing with the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Snow in June at the American Repertory Theatre, Lonesome, Octopus, Three Sisters, Tom Cruise, Get Off the Couch in Ireland with the Emerging Artists Theatre Company , and Generic Hispanic. TV credits include "Ugly Betty," "Primetime," and "As The World Turns." Kaolin in a proud member of EAT and AEA.

In Daniel Mitura's new stage adaption of THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, the only published novel of famed literary master Oscar Wilde, the young, impressionable, and stunningly beautiful Dorian Gray sells his soul for eternal youth. Convinced by the dangerously clever aristocrat Lord Henry Wotton to value youth and pleasure above all else, Dorian dives into a life of hedonistic abandon. While his body is immune to the ravages of time and sin, his soul is not. Reflecting his soul's deterioration, a portrait of Dorian painted by his adoring friend Basil displays the changes he manages to escape. Dorian falls in love with, then quickly abandons, young actress Sibyl Vane, and poisons the lives of countless others by leading them to darkness with his strange and dangerous charm. In the end, Dorian faces a choice: save the picture or save himself? Is it possible that the two have become inextricably linked?

To read more and buy tickets go here: http://www.doriangrayplay.com/
Tags: author: oscar wilde, man candy

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