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Call Me Sir by Stormy Glenn

There are various levels of BDSM “intensity” in romance stories, and I would say that Call Me Sir is a medium low level. For Logan and Joey, the two men of this story, being in a D/s relationship means that Joey is allowed to transgress when he wants to spicy their relationship and Logan will fake to punish him, when for real, he is doing exactly what Joey’s implicitly asked.

The story starts in an unusual way, Joey is frequenting Logan’s nightclub, and he is doing that since a year, but he has never got “lucky”. Joey is young, cute, kind, but people seem to avoid him like he had a plague. Joey doesn’t know that Logan put a claim on him and no one is allowed to go near the boy. This is actually quite a complicated plan in Logan’s mind: he doesn’t want to stake his claim on Joey since he thinks the boy is too young to be involved in a D/s relationship, he wants to give time to him to ponder his alternatives, but then he prevents Joey to meet possible partners. How on earth Joey should be able to willingly choose Logan if he has no other chance on the balance? Let alone the little detail that Logan didn’t warned Joey that he was “claimed” and so the little guy is wondering where he is wrong since no one wants to “go home” with him.

If not for the fact that, in the end, Joey appears to me like he really needs to be take care of, I probably wouldn’t like so much Logan’s behaviour. I think Logan is a good man, but probably he should learn something on relationship and self-esteem (of other people, he really risked to ruin Joey with his “being aloof” play). But as I said, in the end Joey prefers to be the “kept man”, he has no ambition to be independent, he is really happy to be the “little wife” who takes care of his man.

On the D/s aspect of their relationship, as I said, it’s pretty mild, really more a game between them than a real lifestyle. Enough to say that Joey is not into pain, something that it would be at the exact opposite in a real BDSM relationship. More or less, Logan is an old fashioned man, like those 40/50s husbands who went out work to provide a good lifestyle to their family; they were the master of the family and the wife was both the mainstay of the house and a pretty ornament on the husband’s arm. Here the situation is more or less the same, only that Logan is gay and so the “wife” has an attribute more ;-)


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