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Top Men (Heroes 3) by G.A. Hauser

The third in the Heroes series is a mix of the two previous books: it has a bit of the lightness of Man to Man and a bit of the seriousness Two In, Two Out. Top Men is about LAPD cops Mickey and Jeff; even if both of them are quite good cops, they are not adverse to the idea of having sexual thirst during working hours. Probably they are still in the “heat” moment of their relationship, their relationship as lovers and colleagues is only few weeks old, and so they are still in that phase when they are knowing each other and tasting the ground on which their relationship will have foundations.

Even if Mickey and Jeff have more or less the same age, they are in two different phases of their life: Mickey has played the field for a bit, and when he met Jeff he knew he was ready for a serious relationship; instead Jeff is like a baby in a candy store, still wide eyed in front of all the Men candy he sees around. It’s not that Jeff wants to cheat on Mickey, but he needs time to understand that he has no need to taste all the candies, that he has already found his forever addiction.

G.A. Hauser plays a lot on the “gay romance” for women thing. She knows well that she is writing mostly for women, and the character of Aura, Mickey’s sister, is probably the personalization of all those women. Said that, I’m not implying that Hauser’s gay romances are not for men, I think that, they can be right also for men; as Hauser herself said in the novel, Aura, and probably a bit Hauser’s, more than women are a gay man in a woman body.

Mickey and Jeff are very much alike, and in being so, they are denying the assumption that opposites attract. Mickey and Jeff are good together since they react at the same way and they think alike. On the contrary of most of previous Hauser’s characters, they didn’t face personal and public issues with tears and emotional breaks, they react with rage and full front. In a way they are quite dangerous, and probably, on a relationship perspective, if they weren’t so alike, they wouldn’t survive as a couple.

Top Men is the book that links together the Heroes series with the Action! One, Mark & Steve from the Action! Series meet all the boys from the Heroes series, and from this moment on the two series moves together.


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