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I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus edited by Lori Perkins

Christmas Morning by Derek Clendening: In a very short seasonal story a single dad has to explain to his 8 years old son why he kissed Santa Claus. There are three potential problems: one, make understand the boy that, even if his dad is in love when another person, this doesn’t mean that he has forgot his mom; two, let him digest the notion that a family now always has a dad and a mom, but maybe there is also the chance to have two daddies; three, the most risky problem of all, how to explain that Daddy kissed Santa Claus without letting him stop to believing in the magic of Christmas. I quite like the fact that all these were presented to the boy with the same importance, in this way the parents didn’t steal the boy innocence, he is still an 8 years old and the two Daddies know that.

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by Ryan Field: In this short story Ryan Field proves that a same sex couple with kids is exactly the same of a het couple. Dennis and Mario are together since 15 years, and they even adopted two little girls. They are in love, they have two good jobs, a beautiful house, a fancy new car and even a satisfying sex life. So, what it lacks? Maybe the unexpected? Dennis is not thinking to find a solution in other men, but maybe he would like to be reassured on his sex appeal. He is more than happy to be Mario’s life partner, but he would like to be also his lover, not only the Daddy of their daughters. In few words, Dennis is facing an advanced middle life crisis, but Mario will find the way to prove him that they still think alike, like they did 15 years ago.

The Best Christmas Ever by Clancy Nacht: The same theme of before, Daddy kissing Santa Clause, it’s seen and told by the eyes of a little girl. From her small perspective she saw her Dad suffer through a divorce, and she saw him happy again when Brad, Daddy’s friend, came to live with them. Mira understood that material things are not important, that gifts are nice, but the family harmony is more important. And so, when she sees Daddy kissing Santa Claus, Mira is not happy, she doesn’t care of the gifts Santa Claus just brought to them, she wants that her Daddy kisses only Brad. A 10 years little girl understands things better than most adult: it’s not important the sex of who you kiss, it’s important if that person is part of a happy family.

Just Like Santa by J. L. Merrow: This is a little and sweet romp. And how couldn’t it be, since one of the men in it is a nursery teacher? Jason has a crush on Alec, the single dad of one of his 3 years old students, Poppy, but he has never had the courage to pursue it. Maybe Jason is shy, maybe he thinks to not being at Alec’s level, and maybe he is not sure that Alec is gay. Then a little help from Santa Claus, or better, from the Santa Claus’ costume he has to wear on the Christmas party they hold for the kid, allows Jason a more personal approach to Alec and this leads to an even more personal dinner date at Alec’s house. It’s Christmas and it’s a sweet story, and Poppy is only 3 years old, and so she still finds an exciting adventure to discover that Jason and Santa Claus have the same underwear… and she is not at all worried from the fact that Jason spent the night with them.

Christmas Post Boy by Liz Coldwell: Maybe this story is a little less sweet and seasonal feeling than the previous ones. Wayne is mourning not only the betrayal of his former partner, but also the loss of the two sons of him, loosing his lover meant also being excluded from the kids life. Wayne is not in any Christmas mood and he doesn’t feel like party. Then Cameron, 20 years old and employee in Wayne’s firm, comes asking him why he is not at the firm’s party, and Wayne finds a way to stop thinking to Christmas and kids and instead focused on being Dom and debauching Cameron’s innocence: speaking of how to change completely perspective.

Santa Claus is Coming by Adrian Harper: Two Daddies play Naughty or Nice on the Christmas Eve after Nick puts to sleep their little daughter. It’s all a joyous play, and a perfect family picture: Christmas songs are playing in the background; Ethan is trying to cook a typical Canadian dinner for his Canadian lover while the said Canadian is playing a mix of Santa Claus, Kris Kringle and maybe some other seasonal character for their daughter; and when the kid is asleep the game for the adult starts, and even a Santa Claus’ costume can give them “naughty” thoughts… after all, love is in the air.


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