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Dale Lazarov: A Sticky and Manly Nightlife

Dale Lazarov is best known as the writer/editor of Sticky (in collaboration with illustrator Steve MacIsaac) and Manly (in collaboration with Amy Colburn) published by Bruno Gmuender Verlag.

Best-selling author Clive Barker described Sticky as "Sexy, stylish, minimalist...an intense mixture of erotic realism and the freedom of comics storytelling makes Sticky a pleasure to have in one hand."

A story from Sticky is included in Best Erotic Comics 2008 (Last Gasp, November 2007). Dale's collaboration with erotic artist Drubskin, "The Welcome Back Fuck", was featured in Best Gay Erotica 2007 (Cleis Press, November 2006). Dale's also the writer/editor of FANCY, a gay erotic webcomic drawn by Delic Van Loond and published weekly at AdultWebcomics.com.

Manly by Dale Lazarov & Amy Colburn, September 2008

Sticky by Dale Lazarov & Steve MacIsaac, March 2006

After Sticky and Manly the master of sexual pantomime shows this time with Swedish artist Bastian Jonsson on Nightlife how men seduce men: sweet, romantic, and very direct.

Nightlife by Dale Lazarov & Bastian Jonsson, November 2009

Dale's busy collaborating with illustrators on several forthcoming titles of gay erotic comics: Foxy Andy on Chums, Theo Bain on Greek Love, and Mioki on Power Pop Boys. Dale's dream is to be the Stan Lee of a line of chic hardcovers of man-on-man erotic comics full of carnality and sweetness. He loves comics illustrators and they love him back. Dale currently lives and works in Chicago.

One of the next stories of Dale will be illustrated by my Italian friend Laura "Zel" Carboni, who, btw, has also illustrated a cover for a yaoi novel by Jet Mykles that will be released by MLR Press. Just because, one of the wonderful works by Laura:

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