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Full Moon Mating (Wolf Creek Pack 1) by Stormy Glenn

In the shapeshifters genre (in general, not gay romance in particular) you can have two type of hero, the big and strong alpha man, a bit mourning, who is always running away from his life, regretting the lost of a normality he has never had, or you can have a shapeshifter as big and strong, but who is totally helpless in the hands of his little mate. This second type of hero usually leads to more light and funny stories. Are they realistic? No. Does it matter? Absolutely not. First of all, I’m obviously not reading a paranormal romance to find reality, and second, it’s within the genre that the partner of an Alpha Male is usually a omega, meaning that he or she is physically weaker but way more clever than the partner, in “human” words, you can say that one is the body (the strength) and the other is the mind (the intelligence), the both together make a perfect couple.

So yes, Nate, the small omega man, is all shy and skittish, he clings to the bigger Joe like he is his personal tree to climb and search shelter from the big bad wolves, and since he likes Joe, it doesn’t matter that, searching refuge in his arms he is putting himself in the hand of a even more dangerous wolf. Nate sits on Joe’s lap, he is the perfect housewife, he pleads for sex in a so wonderfully submissive way, he has even a good relationship with Joe’s mother, arriving to exchange sexual tips with her on how to deal with a werewolf mate… Does it seem to you that Nate is a bit too feminine? Maybe yes, but this is often the case in a gay romance between Alpha and omega, as it’s clear that the supremacy is only physical, and Nate is perfectly conscious that he “allows” Joe to be the leader of their small pack made of two men: like a prince who grants a privilege, Nate is allowing Joe to love and cherish him.

When Nate arrive in the small town of Wolf Creek he doesn’t know that he is stumbling on his better luck: Joe, the town sheriff is gay, and being a werewolf he also immediately understands that Nate is also his mate. From that moment on Nate will have not to worry of the men who are searching him, the same men he is running away from for the last two years. From that moment on, Nate will only worry to please Joe, and Joe will unconditionally love him back. If maybe sometime Joe will behave a bit too much like an obtuse and treat Nate like a three years old baby unable to take a decision, well, Nate will probably save the information for a later time when he will use it to force Joe to do what Nate wants… after all, it’s Nate the mind of the couple.


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