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Betrayed by Rhianne Aile

Like in Cursed, also in Betrayed there is a bit of contraposition between a non shifter partner, Will, who is also small and pretty, and the big bad wolf, Richard, the Alpha of his pack, the one in command, but who, in the end needs his mate to solve his trouble. More, Richard is under the spell of an evil witch, and she is a woman, a petite and beautiful china doll, who, nevertheless, is able to chain Richard under his clutches.

When we first meet Will in this second book, the first image we have of him is of a pretty boy: long dark curls, lithe body, and a behaviour that his almost childlike, he gossips with his twin brother on the sexual exploits of his mate, Benjamin. But as soon as the brother is not in the room, we also realize that Will is hoping to find the same happiness Tristan has with Benjamin, and he knows that he will not find it in Benjamin’s house.

So when he is asked to go help Raul’s brother (Raul and Alex are another mated pair, and Alex is the Alpha of Benjamin’s pack), Will heartedly agrees. Richard is vanished, but to Raul and Will don’t take too much time to find him suffering of amnesia, but with one only sure thing in mind: Will is his mate and he will not let anyone else near him. Truth be told, Will is more than willing to spend almost two days in bed with Richard, to help him going free of his wife’s spell, the witch (witch not b….), and if someone else doubts his reasons… well probably he is not wrong. This is probably where the light feeling of the story emerges, even if in danger, even if under a spell, when Will and Richard are in bed together nothing else is important.

There is a lot of sex, very tactic feeling; there are absolutely not sex scenes in shifted form, but the werewolves in the book like to be in their wolf form, and their mates like to stroke them (no pun intended); on the other hand, the werewolves like to let their wolf go out and play, and there is an heavy use of smell sense and bodily fluids to mark the territory. But when it’s the time to play on a more sexual level, there is always a man on man action.


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