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Man Candy Day: The Boys of Bel Ami by Howard Roffman (Part 5 of 5)

2007: Texas Twins, The Story of Morgan & Nash, Photo Book, Pages: 96, Size: 19,5 20 cm / 7.5 x 7.75, Format: Hardcover, Colour: Duotone, ISBN 978-3-86187-858-2, February 2007

Amazon: Texas Twins: The Story of Morgan & Nash

After gracing us with the “Boys of Bel Ami?, Howard Roffman is back with his newest work “Texas Twins?. Clear the stage for the sweet twin boys Nash and Morgan! Roffman allows us a moving look behind the curtain into the close relationship of the two brothers. One is a young James Dean – macho and masculine; the other is more emotional and sensual. These are photographs full of joy and affection, as well as artful moments of melancholy. In this book Roffman again shows his flair for capturing quiet moods.

Howard Roffman has published countless successful books and held well-received exhibitions. This success has made him a shooting star among the top photographers of homoerotic art.

2008: Christopher and the Boys, Photo Book, Pages: 160, Size: 22 x 23 cm / 8.7 x 9.1, Format: Hardcover with dust jaket, Colour: Duotone, ISBN 978-3-86787-007-8, August 2008

Amazon: Christopher and the Boys

The story begins with Christopher, a small town boy on vacation in San Francisco, and goes on to capture eight other boys from around the world at their intimate best.

Tolga, a German exchange student, frolics nude at the Grand Canyon; J.C., an aspiring British actor, becomes a boy at play on a deserted beach. Brian and Tyler make passionate love. "Christopher and the Boys" continues the Howard Roffman tradition of striking images that are at once innocent and highly sensual.

"If you like innocent looking young men with a naughty twinkle in their eye, this may be just the book for you." --EDGE New York

2009: Private Moments, Photo Book, Pages: 240, Size: 30,5 x 21 cm / 12 x 8,25 inch, Format: Hardcover with dust jaket, Colour: full colour, ISBN 978-3-86787-037-5, September 2009

Amazon: Private Moments

Roffmann, an icon in the Olympus of male photography, creates art when he depicts Eros and sexuality in his very sensible way, because he catches the yearning between men in a very naive and direct way - with a natural easy. Now, the master of black and white photography has changed the metier. Whoever believed Roffmann's strength is based in the reduction of colors will be surprised to recognize that the play of natural colors adds a new dimension to his work.

2009: Private Moments - Calendar 2010, Wall calendars, Size: 28 x 42 cm / 11 x 16.5 inch, Colour: full colour, Available: yes, ISBN 978-386787-305-5, July 2009

Amazon: Private Moments of Bel Ami 2010 Calendar

Beautiful friends, intimate settings! As we all, nobody takes as masterful photos of the guys of Bel Ami as Howard Roffman. Now he’s done it in color for the very first time. The results truly deserve a broadsheet!

Bruno Gmünder, Germany’s leading publishing house for gay art, photography and literature introduces a new larger format calendar.

Leaving more space for the beautiful photography of famous artists Rick Day, David Vance and top-selling photographer Howard Roffman the large size calendar strikes with new proportions, which are based on the rules of golden ratio.
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