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Blog Tour: The Marine by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

The Marine by John Simpson and Robert Cummings
Publisher: Cool Beans Publishing & Editing (September 20, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: The Marine by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

Two young men, David Stauffer and Matthew Kendricks, meet while processing into the Marine Corps for Basic Training. David is immediately attracted to the red haired, Matthew. As their training begins, David pursues Matthew to find out if the attraction is mutual. To his great pleasure, David learns that his attentions are not unwelcomed, but rather feared. Matthew, unlike David isn't as comfortable with his fellow trainees finding out he's gay.
As training progresses David proves himself to be superior to the other trainees. As a reward, he is given a short, on post leave and is allowed to take Matthew with him. This allows them a chance to explore each other's bodies, rather than just glimpses in the showers.
From that moment the spark between the two burns hot and sets the stage for what is to come. When training ends, questions about their futures arise. Both men are forced to make decisions that will impact their futures, and potentially out them to the entire Marine Corps.

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Author Bio:
John Simpson

John Simpson is a Vietnam Era Veteran, former Police Officer of the Year, a Federal Agent, a Federal Magistrate, an armed bodyguard to Saudi Royalty, a senior Federal Government executive, and recipient of awards from the Vice President of the United States and the Secretary of Treasury. He has just been hired by an international film production company to become a main script writer, and will start soon on a television series.

John feels that for too long fiction writers neglected gay men. John writes entertaining, enjoyable, and enthralling fiction centered on the lives and lifestyles of gay men. John allows his readers to see life through gay men’s' eyes. And just like real life, John's characters have active and exciting sex lives. John calls on his broad personal and professional experience in writing gay romance. John is author of numerous full length novels available through Dreamspinner Press and several short stories in Alyson Books anthologies. His first book, Murder Most Gay, is based on the murder of a gay man in Orlando, Florida in 1980, which he investigated along with many others, as an intern from UCF in the legal program. The Orange County State's Attorney's Office utilized his prior experience as a police officer in many ways, including proving a suicide was in fact a homicide.

John lives with his partner of 39 years who he legally married in 2008, and their three Scottish Terriers. John is highly involved with the Church, specifically seeking to repair rifts between Christendom and the gay community. John graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1981, and received an S.T.L. in 1995.

John wishes to extend a very special thanks to his many female readers. He appreciates and loves the fact women enjoy male/male erotica, and he thanks you for your past and continued support. He hopes to never disappoint you, and always leave you wanting more!

John now has a total of over 40 full length novels in print as well as another 20 novellas and short stories!

Robert Cummings:
Robert Cummings lives in Pennsylvania with his partner and their black lab mix dog. Robert is an Iraqi freedom veteran with a seventeen-year law enforcement career. He enjoys the outdoors, family, and travel.

Author Contact:
John Simpson: Johnsimpsonbooks@hotmail.com
Robert Cummings:

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Peter’s Chair by John Simpson

Peter's Chair is for sure a breaking novel, the fantapolitical novel on a gay Pope: how many boundaries it's throwing down? gays inside the Church, sex outside the marriage, celibacy (or the lack of it). That is probably not fantasy, but it's for sure something no one dares to speak. John Simpson decides to break that rule, and he does it from as a man informed of the facts. It's clear that he knows the way of the Church, its traditions and structure. Even in the simple things, like the use of foreign language, in this case Italian, he never once did a mistake. All the Popes he is referring to, at least until Papa Luciani, Giovanni Paolo I, are real, he only decided to take a different path in history from that event, and changed the name of all the other Popes after that.

For a human decision, the desires of some young Cardinals to change the path of history, or maybe for the will of the Holy Spirit, a 49 years old american man, Brian, is elected Pope. Brian is a man with a strong will and with his own ideas: he is gay and has a 27 years old lasting relationship with William, another priest he met in seminary, who now follows him everywhere as his personal assistant. If you are expecting a naughty tale about sex between men in soutane, change your mind: for all what is regarding Brian and William's relationship, they are more like an old couple than two horny men in love. More, when Brian is elected Pope, William is both worried than scared, he doesn't feel right to continue having a sexual relationship when Brian represents the same structure that condemns both homosexuality than the lack of celibacy among priests. In a way, Brian is more coherent than William in saying that he doesn't see what is changed, if they were having sex before, why not now? But I liked Brian's attitude, it was a way to prove that he really believes in his role as a priest.

Brian and William are very different, but complete each other. Brian is more a leader, but he probably wouldn't have reached that position without William by his side. William makes Brian think, gives him the chance to ponder his choices. On the other side, William has not the strength to be a leader and probably not even the outside image. It's not that William is weak, it's more that he doesn't like to be on center stage. I really liked their relationship, it talked a lot of their past together, without need to speak the words aloud.

Brian, as Pope, is more a political chief than a man of the Church, but sadly that is the true. Vatican is a little state, but it has a lot of power in the matters regarding the free choices of people all around the world, and so the work of a Pope is more a political issue than that of a shepherd of God. Peter's Chair is a a lot of adventure / thriller novel and not so much romance, but it has its sweet moments, like the day to day romance between Brian and William, made of little habits honed by years of cohabitation (Brian is not a morning person, William is a bit on the stubborn side, and so on), and the naughty side of the sex relegated to more younger men, like Brian's personal bodyguards. But still, the sex is not really the main element of this book, and I think that is right like that.

It can be said that John Simpson has a deep knowledge of the recent political history and in particular all regarding the Church. It's also clear that he has is idea and he has no problem to expose them. And, little side note, it's also clear that he doesn't like so much Italians or Italy: some remarks by Brian on how he wants all American things around him, also the smallest things like a tv programs, made me wonder what we did to him ;-) Italians and Italy are not so bad after all, at least not all of us.

Amazon: Peter's Chair
Amazon Kindle: Peter's Chair
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 2 edition (December 7, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613727054
ISBN-13: 978-1613727058

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Coming Soon: Condor One - The Movie

From John Simpson:

How many times have you read one of the 5 Condor Books and thought "This would make a GREAT movie!"? Well, now is the chance to make it happen AND get in on the ground floor as a part of the team!

John has started the process to convert Condor One (first in the series) into a movie, for either the big screen or the small screen on cable on a popular pay network. He has contracted with an experienced and popular writer/director to do the work of converting the book into a screen play. Unfortunately, as with anything in the real world, this takes money!

"It's time for another major film project that features gay people in the story line. Brokeback Mountain proves beyond a doubt that the right story will not only make money for the people in the movie business, but it can change peoples lives in the way they think about gay people. "Condor One," is the first in a five book series depicting the lives of the first openly gay President of the United States, and the Secret Service Agent that he falls in love with during the campaign. The first book take the public through the end of the campaign, and the high tension and action that takes place beginning on day one of the life of the Windsor presidency. Condor One is not only an action thriller, but a love story as well. How does a gay man who is the most powerful and public man in the world, conduct a relationship with another man who is not known to be gay and keep the details initially from the public.Is there even a chance that such a romance could work out? Condor one answers this question and many more besides. Enter a world where who the man is who is President is more important than who he sleeps with in spite of the near hysteria of some. Will President Windsor and the Secret Service be able to thwart the plots and conspiracies launched against this President? Will he survive? The first step in bringing this best selling story to the screen is to turn the book into a screenplay by a very experienced screenplay writer which is very different than authoring the story in the first place. Screenplay writers are very expensive because the work is so demanding. If we reach goal, we will proceed with the next step in bringing this project to Hollywood or HBO or Showtime or some other station that is bold and innovative."

As mentioned above, the first step has been reached, in that we have found a screenwriter to start the process, but he has only been half paid. We need to come up with the money to pay him the 2nd half, then have the money to go on to the next steps - hiring staff, producers, paying for locations, etc.

Your donations are needed! Every single dollar helps more than you can possibly know. Even the small donations of just $1 or $5, when added up altogether, make a huge difference for a project like this.

Website: http://www.condorone-movie.com/movie-project.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/condorone

IndieGoGo: http://beta.indiegogo.com/projects/77493?i=wdgt
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Talons of the Condor by John Simpson

Talons of the Condor is the sequel of Condor One, the fantapolitical novel by John Simpson about the first gay president of United States of America. I remember with pleasure that book, and I, above all, remember with pleasure David Windsor, Mr. President. As you know if you read the previous book, or can understand from the surname, David is not exactly some Mr. Smith throws in the chaos of the White House in Washington. He, even before being a president, was from a very wealthy family, with connection with the royal family in England, and I believe he was, as he is still, quite a spoiled man. He is not that spoiling that makes a character unlikable, but more a general attitude, o way to face all the situation, from the simple "domestic" dealing as to buy a dog-bed for his favorite Scottish Terrier, to decide if declare the WWII or not. David is a man of power, he can listen to advice, but in the end he will take his own decision. And he is used, and expects to, that every single order is taking in immediate consideration, without further postponement. He is also a man of great passions, and he can be mislead by his easily inflaming temperament. All in all, someone would almost think that David in the end is not a so nice man, but then you see the "other" David, the one who can easily get caught ogling to the bottom of some military staff, or who is content to simple lay in bed and cuddle with his young lover, special agent Shane Thompson.

The story is not so much different from the previous one, there is as before a treating to David's life, but maybe this time, the things got further and bigger. The author indeed plays a bit to fantapolitic, and imagines a various range of dangerous situation, with also some nasty consequences. And I have the feeling that he realized well over the half of the novel, that he didn't put enough danger in that first part, since the events rush one after the other, and then all together, toward an end that, from the political side will remain still "open", while instead will arrive to a nice, a very romantic conclusion on the love side. I think that the author has not yet put the end point on the story of this couple, and I have an idea to who will play the first lady role on the official visit of King William II, David's cousin, to the White House.

Another thing that I notice is that David is somewhat more "domestic" in this sequel. As I said, David is a spoiled man, quite aware to be a nice catch for every single gay man. And so in the first book, I had an impression of him like a friendly and open man, not at all scared by his sexuality. I think he was quite happy to be single and among so many handsome man. Now instead David is almost calm, satisfied, but not since he is aware of his position as president, but since he is content with his relationship with Shane. And so we also see the "daddy" David, behaving like a overprotective father for his little girl, the Scottish Terrier Mary, but also for every single gay teenager he has the chance to meet. It's almost like David's fatherly instinct were aroused at the same moment he met the man who is a good candidate to be the real deal... quite the attitude of those old-fashioned women of the good society that were raised to be good wives and mothers, and who, soon after the marriage, lose the careless of youth to suddenly became the symbol of a perfect woman.

In all of this, I lost Shane... well, poor Shane is quite the supporting character in there. He is still a good man, he is devoted and unselfish, and sometime he looses the mask of composure to let us see the real man, but all in all, it's David who shines, and Shane lives of reflected light. Where it's David who suddenly becomes "domestic" and tamed, truth be told, it's Shane who plays the perfect role of the wife of a very important man: silent and always present, ready to satisfy every single wish of his man.


Amazon Kindle: Talons of the Condor

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2) Talons of the Condor

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Cover Art by Dan Skinner
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Irish Winter by John Simpson

The book tells Ian and Devlin's story from 1919 to 1924, the years during which Ireland fought for its independence from England. Ian is an apothecary apprentice of only 19 years old; he doesn't really care for war or kill, he wants to become an apothecary and make his own life in the world. Ian is a quite guy, probably even more quite since it's years that he realized that he prefers the company of men, but he has never acted upon his preferences. He tries to be as average as possible and to not be seen in the crowd. But when he witnesses to the assassination of a man and his old mother in the street to the hand of English soldiers, he cannot hide no more. He offers his help to the IRA army and among the brotherhood he finds Devlin.

Devlin is only one years older than Ian, and they know each other enough to greet on street but not enough to be considered friends, they are on different level in life; Devlin's mother unofficially has a lot of "boyfriends" who visit her at night, and on hers track, Devlin started to find some "odd" works at night in the near cities, with married men in dark alley.

While Ian considers himself homosexual, Devlin at first approaches Ian more with a friends with benefits attitude: Devlin likes both women and men, and in this moment he likes Ian. But he knows that the lad, as he calls him, is way more inexperience than him, and even if they deepen their relationship to an intimate level, Devlin is reluctant to be fully involved, more for Ian's good than anything else. But more the years pass and the war worsens and more both men realize that they are now not only friends and fellow soldiers, but also lovers.

Despite passing through really nasty moments, Devlin and Ian are really young; they face the independence war with more heart than brain, they are not warriors, sometime I read them like children with adult dresses. Both of them follow something bigger than them, and they are really lucky to always come out alive; they are not hero characters, but more supporters.

The love story between them is nice, the more romantic minds should close the eyes in front of Devlin's side profession, something he is forced to bring on sometime more during his relationship with Ian, he really has no choice; but I think that it respects his character and the time, sincerely it's just enough of a pink glasses prospective for the two to be together, without being also too moralist. Maybe sometime I found the sex a bit too extreme (nothing fancy mind you): too much position other than the missionary and too much words in bed... I don't know, but sometime it felt forceful.

All in all a very nice and easy book to read, with enough historical details which prove that the author has more than a passing interest in the matter, and a medium long novel that allows plenty of time for the reader to enjoy the characters.


Amazon Kindle: Irish Winter

Amazon: Irish Winter

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Condor One by John Simpson

Condor One is a fantapolitic novel. David Windsor, multimillionaire business man and far cousin of William V, the King of England, is now a democratic candidate to be the new USA President. His campaign goes very well since the american citizens are tired of years of Republican government, and he is the most probable winner. So his adversary lets drop the bomb during the last official speech: David is gay. Unexpected to everyone, David doesn't deny the news and au contraire, he embraces this new turn of his campaign, gaining even more consent from people who appreciate him for his honesty.

So David becomes the new President and his life takes an accelerate path; in all the whirlwind, his only stepping stone is Shane, his bodyguard. Shane is a late twenty very handsome man, with the look of an American movie star and the character of Gandhi. He is always quite and sure, always ready for "his" President. At first David is a bit of a playboy, he plays with Shane but he is not against the idea to "play" also with some other fine looking men who happen to be near him, even if he has never had the chance to conclude something, since the official duty and the lack of intimacy don't allow him any free time. But when the events turn mad and all around him seems to crash, again and again Shane will be his only safe shelter.

The story has a very strong suspense plot, with a lot of action. It's almost like reading a Tom Clancy gay novel. What I find really interesting is David's character, a man that should be upright and detached, and instead, when he can, he is always ogling the fine ass of his bodyguard. But despite the weakness of his body, his mind is very strong and ready and when he needs to take an important decision, he is up to the task. And even if he tries to be fair with everyone, he is also willing to use the iron hand with necessary, and sometime I understand that he is also gladly to do that, when the justice falls upon someone he doesn't like: even if David is a good man, he has a naughty and devil side that sometime surfaces.

Shane maybe is too perfect. He is handsome, clever, generous... I never read about some faults about him. Maybe to be the man of a so important figure, he needs to be so, but well, I would like for him to be a little more angry, above all when David lets his weak body to lead him astray.

The erotic part of the novel are pretty strong, graphic and detailed... these are two men who are making sex (before love) and it's very clear: not chocolate and flowers for them, they go directly to the core of the matter. 


Amazon: Condor One
Amazon Kindle: Condor One
Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 4, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0981737285
ISBN-13: 978-0981737287

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