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The One That Got Away by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

A mix of friends with benefits and gay for you themed, this is the story of best friends David and Trace who will find the love of their life in each other arms. When David is in need of a good friend, the one who is immediately in his mind is Trace; it’s not that Trace is the only friend he has, and by the way, he is not even is oldest or best friend, but maybe unconsciously David needs someone to love and take care of him in a deeper way than simply a friend, and maybe he knows he will find that in Trace.

Trace is apparently straight, but he has no preconceptions or hangs up on the chance of being in love with a man; actually is only fear is to barter on their friendship, he is pretty easy on the issue of being attracted, for the first time, by a man. Again, I think that deep down, Trace was already in love with David, and that feelings made them both aware they were right for each other, even if consciously they hadn’t yet given a name to the feeling.

The story between David and Trace is very sweet, in time they will arrive also to sex, but even then, it will remain more on the sweet than the erotic level. They kiss a lot, they cuddle, they are all around male, but don’t disdain the more tender said of their love. They are also very open with their feelings, and there is no denying of them. When David and Trace start to realize there is something more between them, they are also able to stop and consider the chances they have to an happily ever after, and to give to that a shot.

I was more or less used to the fact that “friends with benefits” and “gay for you” stories are usually more erotic, more explicit, maybe since the characters have a more masculine side and tend to show it more, but even if, as I said, nor David or Trace display a feminine side, I appreciated that the tone of the story remained on a more romantic level, so that, even when sex arrives, it was almost a plus, due to the fact that both David than Trace had already displayed their affection to each other in more sweet ways.


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Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 27, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1615810854
ISBN-13: 978-1615810857

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Cover Art by Paul Richmond
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Betrayed by Rhianne Aile

Like in Cursed, also in Betrayed there is a bit of contraposition between a non shifter partner, Will, who is also small and pretty, and the big bad wolf, Richard, the Alpha of his pack, the one in command, but who, in the end needs his mate to solve his trouble. More, Richard is under the spell of an evil witch, and she is a woman, a petite and beautiful china doll, who, nevertheless, is able to chain Richard under his clutches.

When we first meet Will in this second book, the first image we have of him is of a pretty boy: long dark curls, lithe body, and a behaviour that his almost childlike, he gossips with his twin brother on the sexual exploits of his mate, Benjamin. But as soon as the brother is not in the room, we also realize that Will is hoping to find the same happiness Tristan has with Benjamin, and he knows that he will not find it in Benjamin’s house.

So when he is asked to go help Raul’s brother (Raul and Alex are another mated pair, and Alex is the Alpha of Benjamin’s pack), Will heartedly agrees. Richard is vanished, but to Raul and Will don’t take too much time to find him suffering of amnesia, but with one only sure thing in mind: Will is his mate and he will not let anyone else near him. Truth be told, Will is more than willing to spend almost two days in bed with Richard, to help him going free of his wife’s spell, the witch (witch not b….), and if someone else doubts his reasons… well probably he is not wrong. This is probably where the light feeling of the story emerges, even if in danger, even if under a spell, when Will and Richard are in bed together nothing else is important.

There is a lot of sex, very tactic feeling; there are absolutely not sex scenes in shifted form, but the werewolves in the book like to be in their wolf form, and their mates like to stroke them (no pun intended); on the other hand, the werewolves like to let their wolf go out and play, and there is an heavy use of smell sense and bodily fluids to mark the territory. But when it’s the time to play on a more sexual level, there is always a man on man action.


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2) Betrayed

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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Cursed by Rhianne Aile

Cursed is a very original werewolf romance, since the werewolf is not the usual Alpha male all action and no words, he needs the help of his mate, and of his other friends, to arrive at the right conclusion of his story.

Tristan and his twin William are the direct descendants of a witch who cursed the Sterling family more than 500 years before. Now Tristan feels the need to put an end to that curse, and for this reason he meets the heir of the Sterling family, Benjamin, an american businessman. Benjamin has lost the hope to see the curse broken, and he has set his life to accomodate both his human than his wolf form. He lives part of the month in New York, and part in a huge estate in the country, where he can shift without problems. All his employees know about him being a werewolf, and protect and love him nevertheless.

When Benjamin smells Tristan's scent, he knows that the young britishman is his chosen mate. And Tristan has no problem to accept both the man than the wolf. But when, and if, he will manage to break the curse, the man Benjamin will love Tristan as much as the werewolf?

As in the other books by Rhianne Aile I read, the man on man relationship in the story doesn't arise any trouble in the people around. It seems like the author describes a utopic world, even more when Benjamin is a divorced man with a son, and we don't know if he is bisexual or only gay (he has had other gay relationships before Tristan). True there is the mate's matter: Benjamin clearly said that his ex wife wasn't his chosen mate, and that werewolves mate for life and Tristan is his true mate.

Tristan is an almost funny character. He behaves almost like a teenager sometime, all innocence and naivite, but he has the desire and the reaction of an adult man. Even if it is not clearly highlighted, I think he is younger than Benjamin, and so it's almost natural that Benjamin takes the dominant position in the relationship. But Benjamin is not the classical alpha male: he has the jelaousy issues of every real mated werewolf, but if necessary he can argue without growling.

Cursed starts a little on the quiet pace, but grews on a fastest rhytm in the second part of the story, that I found very well plotted. Also the curse's resolution is very original, and there is also a bit of humor in it. Cursed reminds me of other werewolf romance, where humor and paranormal are well mixed.


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Cover Art by Anne Cain

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Snowed In by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

Kasey, Mitch and Warren are colleague and best friend, of different age and predisposition: Kasey is 25 years old and bi-curious, Mitch is 30 years and bisexual (even if it came out to me more as gay) and Warren is 38 years old and straight. They plan to spend a weekend in a mountain cabin and a snowstorm forces them to stay inside the cabin and in near quarter. Kasey is an erotic romance in disguise, and when they are forced to find a way to spend the afternoon, he decides to write a bit: Mitch and Warren realize that he is writing a gay sex scene, but Mitch questions the reality of that scene. Kasey dares him to show how it should be done, but not on the paper, but for real. Mitch is willing, but he is worried for Warren, who seems a bit flustered to have an impromptu porn movie acted in front of him. But then the stupor turns in excitement and also straight Warren falls in the trap of curiosity.

The story is not very long, 66 pages, and it spans for only a night, so there are no clear answer at the end of it. Anyway, I like very much Mitch's character, so open and friendly; just in the past he was a bit interested in both his friends, but he probably never thought to have a chance with them. I don't  believe that in this moment he is searching the true love, maybe he is willing to play and if something follows, he is not against the idea. Kasey on the other hand sees a chance to try his hand in something he probably was interested before, and the possibility to play with two men he trusts is too good to let go. Warren is the more puzzling character... he should be the one that never in the past thought about such a thing, but, truth be told, he is not so skittish to the idea.

We don't know what it will happen next, they could stay good friends (with benefits) or they could build something more, and, maybe, the one who was the less likely, is the one who would be something more for the three of them.


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Dark Chocolate by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

Sullivan is an African American restaurant owner. He is happy that his new launched restaurant is going well and he is in full activity on New Year's Eve. All his employees are adult and skilled professionals but they turn into giggling girls when in the restaurant enters Quinn Lawrence, big Broadway star; Quinn is a dominant figure, outside and inside the bedroom and when he sees Sullivan, he sees someone that he wants and who he wants he gets.

The story is not so short, 40 pages, but it spans only a night and a day: Quinn sees Sullivan, Quinn conquers Sullivan and Sullivan surrenders happily. A lot of sex, easy and messy (dark chocolate involved...) and a nice naughty story. It could be a nice starts for a love story, but what will happen in the New Year is not written in this story. On my side I would like to read more since there are the basis for a good story: show business world, long distance relationship (Quinn lives in New York, Sullivan in Atlanta), multicultural lovers (Sullivan is African American, Quinn is the classical wasp).


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To Love a Cowboy by Rhianne Aile

Even if the title is the same of the first story, the book is really two complete stories of about the same lenght.

In the first, To Love a Cowboy, Patrick is a 45 years old foreman of a wealthy horse ranch. He is also the owner of the 45% of that ranch, being an old friend of the boss, and he is also in love with the 25 years old son of his friend, Roan. Roan has a crush on Patrick since he was 14, and he has also managed to sneak an handjob with said foreman when he was 18. But soon after Patrick had chicken out on the prospective to be in love with a so much younger man and Roan went to college and never back home for seven years. Now he is again at home and he has every intention to bring down the walls Patrick has built around him.

I like the story, even if I find strange to read of a total acceptance of manlove in a small town. No one says nothing, nor Roan's father (and maybe this is due to his long date friendship with Patrick), or the people on the ranch, or in the village. And around the ranch there is not one but even two gay bars, or at least a place where gay couples can hang out without problems... Apart this strange feeling (strange but not bad...), the two main characters are really charming. Patrick is a a one piece man, who believe in the forever love and family. Maybe a bit stubborn in refusing a good thing when it's right in front of him, but ready to admit his mistakes. Roan is the classical eager puppy lover: young and not still enough confident of his powers, he relies on sex to stake his claim. And to prove a point. When refused at eighteen years old he has not adopted the mourning lover beahviour, and instead he has made as much experiences as he could, and now he is ready, and willing, to admit that his first love was the real one. If said love is willing to say the same.

The second story, Justice, has an historical setting in a late nineteen century Far West small town, the Justice of the title. But it is also a alternative world setting. In fact, in the small town, all the main characters are gays: the hotel owner, the saloon owner and his lover, the brothel owner, the librarian... only the stable owner is not gay... she is a woman and she is lesbian! Three (gay) brothers arrive in this fantasy land town in search of vengeance upon an old enemy, and instead they find love. The younger, Nate, is involved in a threesome with Luke and Jamison (saloon and brothel owners) and the middle, Noah, with Simon (hotel owner); instead Adam, the older, is a bit reluctant to surrender to the courtship of the librarian, Dale. Most of the romance is spent telling us of the newborn couples and the revenge plan is put aside until almost the end. Probably the characters who win the main scene are Noah and Simon. Adam and Nate play the role of supporting characters. Again the total acceptance is a little disconcerting, but in this case is more "normal", given also the introduction of the author where she tells us as she dreamed on the old western movies imagining to remove the weak heroines.

If you love the western setting, contemporary or historical, and love your M/M romance a bit sexy and erotic, these two stories are for you.


Amazon: To Love a Cowboy
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Paperback: 228 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 15, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979504880
ISBN-13: 978-0979504884

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Mr. Right Now by Various

People wait a life to find Mr. Right. But if the right man is nearer of what you believe? And if you find him where you less expect him? The common path of this anthology seems to be: open your eyes and look around, not sit down and wait for your Mr. Right to find you, but turn the next guy you find in Mr. Right.

Snowbound, Lovebound? by Sutherland & Labbe: two colleague can't suffer each other, but as the old motto say, hate is a very passionate feeling, and can turn to love. As usual Bryan and Jimmy are arguing, and this time they are in the mid of a snow storm and blocked in a car. From harsh word, they pass to rough sex. But in the end, what will remain? Hate can turn to love forever?

Sutherland & Labbe's story would deserve a greater developement: how Bryan and Jimmy met? Why they are in a car alone in the mid of a snowstorm? Is their story a love story?

Deacon Decides by Eric Arvin: Deacon is a shy student travelling to Australia and he exchanges some heated glances with Joel, a steward. Usually Deacon is too socially retarted to do something, but this time he wants to be brave.

A Screw and a Stud by Sonja Spencer: Tommy is new in towm and goes to the hardware store. Obviously Tommy is not a man used to handywork, and Mark, the store's owner, is willing to help. Mark is a big and shy guy, and when outspoken Tommy makes a move, he is eager to accept the open invitation he reads in his words.

Odds Are by Chrissy Munder: Rick is a doctor. He has to go to a congress, but he is not happy as usual to do that, cause till the previous year he had a long term partner with whom share the experience, and now he is alone. Worst, he was dumped by his lover and he is not ready to move on. But at the hotel he will meet Jonah, a very nice guy who is willing to spend a no string attached weekend and will help Rick to finally move on.

I like this story but I'm also a pretty sad that there is not an happily ever after for Rick and Jonah... As I read Jonah, he would be a perfect partner for Rick.

A Thorough Workout by Alix Bekins: Ryan and Mark are dancing around each other. Gym fellow, between them there were mute invitation and knowing glares, but Mark always back off. But one night Ryan decides he is tired to wait and in a way or another, he will end the matter. Hopefully in bed with Mark.

Know When to Spread ’em by Catt Ford: Jay is a guy who likes to have sex. As often as possible. And to satisfy his desire, he is willing to answer to anonymous ads. No string attached lunch hookup. And he finds Steve, a body builder with an hell of a body. Married. But for a mid-day and no-repeat encounter, he will do great.

The Proposition by Aile & Urban: Marcus needs a high profile partner for a very important business weekend. He finds Gerard and makes him a proposition, one he can't refuse. Gerard doesn't need money, but a fine man like Marcus could be an interesting partner for a weekend. But when the weekend will be over, can they have something more left?

Aile & Urban's story is pretty long. Complex and complete I would have no problem buying it as a single story. Both Gerard and Marcus are really enjoyble characters, and I would like to read more about them.

Wanna Ride? by Sonja Spencer: Cris sees Raul in a club. Raul dances like sex is pouring from him, and Cris wants to have a bit of that sex for him. And he manages to have it. But maybe the end of the night will not the end of their encounter.

A very sexy little scene, Raul is a very intriguing character. And then I have always had a soft spot for the goth guy like Cris.

Power Struggle by Anais Morten: Gero and Jason are soccer team mate. But sport rivalry is not the only thing between them. Gero feels it, but Jason is new to the feeling and needs a special treatment. And when private questions flow smooth between them, also working in team during game will be easy.

Special Offer by Clare London: Mitch and Will are neighboor. They eyes each other since months, but they have never made a move. Mitch is loud and reckless, Will is quiet and serious. But on a lonely saturday night they meet at the 24/7 store, and finally sparks fly.

Another story I would like to see how evolves. Mitch and Will will overcome their differences? they will find a common path to share a future together?

All the story are pretty nice. As usual I like better when I can read, or image, an happily ever after, but luckily almost all the stories leaves an open door to dream.


Amazon: Mr. Right Now
Amazon Kindle: Mr. Right Now
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 20, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0981508421
ISBN-13: 978-0981508429

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Bargaining by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

This is really only a sex scene, but smooth and enjoyable. This epub sells this short stories promoting them as a good reading while you take a break or drink coffee, and I have to agree.

Les and Evan are best friends. Not friends with benefits until they drink too much and stumble in bed together. Eager for more they are immediately naked and ready for... here is the problem, who bottoms? No one has never bottomed before (I don't really understand if someone or both has topped neither), and so they have to reach an agreement... maybe they can take the turn.

And so Les and Evan learn about each other much more than during all their friendship and maybe also love blossom and at the end of the night, the role of bottom is an ambitious one and not more a scaring position.

I was really convinced to have read something of Rhianne Aile before, but don't remember what and couldn't find nothing in my laptop, so mayb I stumble in her name during a chat (good thing to know new authors...) and I like her style (and also those of Madeleine Urban, her co-author). I have seen a coming soon book on Dreamspinner, a paranormal, and I think I will buy it even if the cover is very ugly... strange thing cause all the site has a very attractive design and really elegant.